• RHS Weekly Announcements     |    April 30, 2021

    Hello, Ram families!

    I hope you all are doing okay. 

    Congratulations to the following students who have been accepted into NC Governor’s School for this summer: Camryn Green in Science and Sydney Clawson in Instrumental Music.  This selection is highly regarded and we are pleased that they will have this opportunity.

    Congratulations also goes to Tam Truong for being selected as a QuestBridge Scholar.  This selection is very prestigious.  He will learn at Yale this summer along with other exceptional students who are headed into their senior year of high school.


    Next week is Teacher Appreciation Week.  I don’t have to tell you that it has been a ROUGH year.  It would mean the world to teachers if you sent an email or a Talking Points message to thank them for what they have done this year.  Truly, in over 31 years in this work, I have seen nothing like it and know that staff practically had to do backflips to make remote learning work.

    AP Agreements:  Some students have not submitted AP Agreements for 2021-22.. All students who wish to enroll in an AP course at Rolesville High School are expected to complete the AP Agreement/AP Testing Agreement prior to placement in an AP course. This year, the deadline for submitting AP Agreements was March 26. Students were emailed if they registered for an AP course but did not complete the form.  The deadline for  AP Agreement/AP Testing Agreement has been extended to Wednesday, May 5. After May 5, if we have not received the necessary AP Agreement/AP Testing Agreement , course requests will be updated to reflect the Honors-level course most similar to the AP course(s) the student registered for. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Miller (temiller@wcpss.net). Thank you


    Beginning this Monday, May 3rd - June 7th, we will be accepting nominations for the following positions:

    • President
    • Vice-President
    • Treasurer
    • Secretary
    • Asst. Secretary
    • Parliamentarian

    Nominations can be made at the May 3rd meeting, via the GroupMe App. or via email to RACBoosterPresident@gmail.com. If you have any questions about being a voting member, please reach out to our Membership Chair, Tarsha Ince - acpince@gmail.com.

    As you can see the RAC needs some parents to step into key roles to support Rolesville Athletics. These next two meetings are very important and will help determine the direction of Rolesville Athletics. So please try and attend the next two virtual meetings. The vote will take place next month via the GroupMe app. Everyone that purchased a RAC membership is eligible to vote and should be in the RAC GroupMe. Coaches may nominate, but are not eligible to vote.

    Attached and below is Article V of the By-Laws which gives a description of the duties of each position.


    Duties of Board Officers

    Section 1. President:  The President shall be the Chief Administrative Officer of the RAC and will assist the other members of the Board of Directors in their functions.  The President shall preside over all meetings of the RAC and the Board of Directors.  The President shall have the power to establish and dissolve special or temporary committees and to appoint members to those committees as deemed necessary.  The President shall execute or direct to be executed on behalf of the RAC all contracts and obligations authorized.

    Section 2. Vice President:   It shall be the duty of the Vice President to assist the President in the performance of their duties and preside over meetings in the absence of the President.  The Vice President shall assume the duties of the President in case of illness or inability to complete their term of office.  The Vice President shall be a member of the Board of Directors and shall perform all duties of the President in his/her absence and shall be the lead of responsibilities agreed on by the President.

    Section 3. Secretary: It shall be the duty of the Secretary to record, edit, and preserve minutes of the RAC regular and Board of Director meetings and any call meetings of the Board.  The Secretary shall post the minutes to the RAC website in a timely manner.  The secretary shall prepare copies of regular minutes for distribution to each active member by posting the minutes to the RAC website in a timely manner.  A copy of all RAC minutes shall be placed in a bound book at the close of the year.  be responsible for the taking and custody of the minutes of all regular membership and Board meetings.  The Secretary at the direction of the President shall be responsible for general correspondence of the RAC.  The Secretary shall be a member of the Board of Directors and an ad hoc Bylaws committee.  The Secretary shall be responsible for an annual review of the Bylaws with the Bylaws committee and recommending revisions to the Board of Directors.  recommending revisions as deemed appropriate.

    Section 4. Treasurer:  It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to deposit intact all funds into the appropriate RAC bank account.  Upon receipt of a properly approved voucher, the Treasurer shall issue checks that have been signed by two of the three authorized signatures (President, Treasurer, or Assistant Treasurer).  The Treasurer shall ensure that all disbursements, $500 or greater, shall be signed by 2 officers, one of which is to be the Treasurer or Anti-Treasurer if the Treasurer is not available.  It is further stated that all disbursements from RAC funds must be approved by a quorum of the Board of Directors or General Board prior to being appropriated to the Athletic Departments of Rolesville High School.  The Treasurer shall prepare and submit a membership report and prepare and submit the Statement of Financial Operations report to the Board of Directors.  The Statement of Financial Operations reports shall be submitted to the Board of Directors prior to the May RAC Board of Directors meeting.  The Treasurer shall maintain a correspondence file for all financial distributions.  The Treasurer shall be the custodian of the funds of the RAC and shall maintain a record of all financial transactions of the RAC, recording all receipts and disbursements.  It is the responsibility of the treasurer to ensure the financial policies and procedures are adhered to and that the financial records shall be subject to audit by an independent auditing agency at the end of each academic school year. The Treasurer shall file with the President, on or about the 31st of May of each year, or within thirty days thereafter, the Treasurer shall file with the President a report setting forth the financial position of the RAC.  The said report shall be and said report will be placed or entered in the official meeting minutes.  

    All disbursements, $500 or greater, shall be signed by 2 officers, one of which is to be the Treasurer.  It is further stated that all disbursements from RAC funds must be approved by the Board of Director or the General Board prior to being appropriated to the Athletic Departments of Rolesville High School.

             Section 5.  Assistant Treasurer.  It shall be the duty of the Assistant Treasurer to perform the duties of the Treasurer in their absence and to assist the Treasurer when needed.  The Assistant Treasurer shall serve on the Executive Board and the Sponsorship Committee.  

    Section 6.  Assistant Secretary.  It shall be the duty of the Assistant Secretary to perform the duties of the Secretary in their absence and to assist the Treasurer when needed.  The Assistant Treasurer shall serve on the Executive Board and the Membership Committee. 

             Section 7.  Parliamentarian.  It shall be the duty of the Parliamentarian to assist the presiding officer in the Interpretation of the Constitution of the Bylaws of RAC.    The Parliamentarian shall also ensure that RAC follows Robert's Rules of Order during the RAC meetings.  The Parliamentarian shall serve as the chairmen of the Bylaws Committee.  


    Please make sure you review this each week.  I will add new information and leave other pertinent information.   I will also put the new information leading in read.

    Senior Parade - May 26th (async day)  We will send more information soon about a parade during the day through town.  Seniors will be invited to participate.  This is a wonderful opportunity for the community to celebrate with the seniors.  We will send more information soon!

    IF YOU HAVE BEEN OFFERED A SCHOLARSHIP, PLEASE EMAIL MRS. SAMEK IMMEDIATELY: (asamek@wcpss.net) She has to know amounts that you have been awarded in order to compile information for the county and the senior awards program.

    Also, if you have applied for a scholarship, make sure you are checking college information portals and your email regularly for notifications.  They are not going to chase you down.  You need to make sure that you are following up responsibly.

    SO IMPORTANT:  If you have not yet replied to the request from RHS to tell us if you prefer to participate in the larger graduation ceremonies on the football field on June 11th or the individual diploma pick-ups on the 12th, PLEASE let us know right away on this link. We also need to know if you are not planning to participate in either ceremony.  We have much planning to do and these numbers are critical to this planning.

    The Ceremonies in the Stadium:  If numbers allow, we really would like to hold two ceremonies.  We understand that students want to walk in the same ceremony with their friends as much as possible.  The sooner we can get the responses to the above link, the sooner we can tie this up.

    Update - Graduation Announcements:  Jostens will order some change of date inserts cards with the corrected dates and location.Times will not be included as there will be assigned ceremonies and rain adjustments

    Update - Graduation Information:  We have shared the most important information on the school website under Students then Class of 1021.  Please be certain you are checking this part of the website as this will be the place where we share information regarding graduation.  The key information you need to know now is also found here.  We need you to complete the form asap as this information is crucial to planning.  Please, please make sure you take care of this request as time to prepare is limited.

    Planning for Graduation:  As you know, there will be no graduation ceremonies at the Raleigh Convention Center this year.  Schools will host their own ceremonies on site.  We will host both larger ceremonies similar to the RCC ceremony and intimate celebrations for families who prefer not to be in large crowds.  We will soon send information to help you plan.  We will also ask you to commit to one format or the other to help us plan accordingly.  In the meantime, there are a couple of things senior families need to do now to prepare.

    1. If you have not ordered a cap and gown, you must do so through Jostens.com.  You must have a cap and gown to participate in the ceremony.  
    2. As you can imagine, expenses to hold events at school will increase in order to plan for and deliver nice events.  Senior fees must be paid through Online School Payments on our school website.  Thank you to those who have already taken care of this.  For those who need to do so, please go ahead and submit the fees to allow us to prepare.

    PTSA Scholarship:  As mentioned earlier, PTSA is sponsoring two scholarships each in the amount of $250 to two RHS seniors who must be members of the PTSA.  The application is online this year and can be found here.  Applications will be accepted from April 1st until April 30th only.

    Applying for Scholarships: Check out the scholarship update at the RHS Student Services website weekly! You can't earn $$ if you don't apply! 

    CTE Concentrator Survey for Seniors:  Mrs. Long has requested that all seniors complete the following survey.  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfT9e-JP5Y9rWVcrhxYi_WAECNNdOMtAixY1tUz_-0DIxD0ZQ/viewform?usp=sf_link


    CCP Self-Registration (currently open)

    CCP Self-Registration opened on Thursday, April 15th.

    • New Students: Must follow Steps 1-10 within the "Enrolling in CCP" section on the CCP Webpage.
    • Continuing Students: Must submit a Summer and/or Fall EV Form located within their Self-Service Account. If the forms are not available, students will need to contact a CCP Staff Member to have the forms added.
    • Enrollment Checklists for both New and Continuing Students can be found within Step 3 within the "Enrolling in CCP" section on the CCP Webpage.

    CCP Graduating Seniors

    CCP Graduating Seniors should follow the following protocol regarding Summer and/or Fall Registration:

    • Summer: Seniors should submit a 2021 Summer EV Form located in their Self-Service Account (if the their graduation date is after May 19th. If students plan to enroll as a CCP Summer student and Fall "Traditional" Student at the same time, they must also be admitted as a traditional student (by completing RDS and the Wake Tech Application)
    • Fall: Seniors who do not plan to enroll as a Summer CCP Student must email ccp@waketech.edu or schedule a "Virtual Advising" appointment to request to be exited from the CCP Program. Once exited, students will be able to register for the Fall Term as a traditional student (with notification that they will not be able to enroll in Summer courses via CCP).

    Virtual Appointments Reminder (Check My Status & Virtual Advising)

    Students can meet with a CCP Staff Member by scheduling a Virtual Appointment on the CCP Admissions & Advising Page.

    • Check My Status: Any student who has a pending CCP Application and/or Eligibility Verification Form
    • Advising: Any student who is currently enrolled or recently admitted and has questions about courses, pathways, or registration

    Recent Events: CCP Transition Day & HS Partners Conference

    We would like to thank everyone who attended the CCP Transition Day and HS Partners Conference events! Attached you will find the PowerPoint presentation and information from the CCP Session during the conference.

    Important Dates & Deadlines

    April 24: CCP Application Form Deadline - New Students (Summer Only) *Deadline for students who have not applied yet as a New Student

    May 7: CCP Self-Registration & EV Form Deadline (Summer Only) *EV Forms for Summer are due and students will no longer be able to register themselves for courses

    May 11: CCP Course Selection Form Opens (Summer Only) *Students who were not able to register themselves can submit the electronic form to request new or additional courses.

    May 14: CCP Course Selection Form Deadline (Summer Only)

    May 19: First Day of Class (Summer)

    June 11: CCP Application Form Deadline - New Students (Fall Only) 

    July 23: CCP Self-Registration & EV Form Deadline (Fall Only)

    If you have any questions or need further assistance, please feel free to contact me.


    Virtual Academy for 2021-22:  This is the information that WCPSS shared last week for those who might be interested.

    • Registration: April 22 - May 2 (5PM)
    • Course Offerings:  Core Curriculum and select elective courses
    • Co- and Extracurricular Activities:  Can participate but provide own transportation
    • Statement of Understanding:  families will need to sign to show understanding of commitment

    Reminders from the Office:  Now that more students are back in the building (YAY), we need to remind you that student checkouts at the end of the day need to be done by 1:50PM.  It is a challenge to juggle everything that happens in the office at the end of the day, especially when we have to contact teachers and have students come to the office before things like announcements start.  Please make sure you come before 1:50Pm for checkouts.

    Also, student drivers who have notes to leave early for appointments must bring the note to Mrs. Alderman at the very beginning of the day before going to first period.

    Youth Leadership Rolesville: Do you know a rising 10th-12th grader that wants to learn more about his/her leadership potential, local business leaders, and town opportunities?  More information, program goals, student qualifications, program timeline and application can be found here: https://rolesvillechamber.org/youth-leadership-rolesville/ Applications are due: May 7th, 2021!

    Rolesville High School Digital Arts and Project Management Business Academy:  Please check out https://www.wcpss.net/site/default.aspx?PageID=42036 for updated information about opportunities for current 9th graders to join the Rolesville High School Digital Arts and Project Management Business Academy. 

    Wellness Workshop Opportunities for Families   Share with and encourage families to participate in our free wellness workshops, including Circle Connections, keeping kids emotionally and physically safe, stress management and wellness skills, and a Virtual Parent Summit. This can help families learn about emotional support strategies being used in our schools, which can also benefit families at home. We have posted on WakeConnect a message ready for you to use in your newsletters to families. The district is sending this information to families today. We will share similar info soon about professional development and self-care sessions available for staff-only.

    CFNC for Juniors - Excellent Virtual Resources for College Planning:  Go here to learn more 

    NHS Application process started Mar 17: Qualifying Juniors and Sophomores should receive 2 emails over the weekend.  One email is for joining the google classroom for the application process.  The second email will contain congratulations on eligibility and other important information.

    From Rolesville Athletic Club:  

    • RAM Head Walk Fundraiser. Proudly display the name of your student, club, organization or team. Click here for more information or to sign up!
    • Merchandise and apparel will be on sale at all home football games - JV & Varsity.!

    PTSA No-Fuss Fundraiser: Ms. Kristen Tyson was the winner of our first wreath from Creative Creations by Nicole  & she chose the Pittsburgh Steelers.

    You can be our next winner drawn by making a no fuss donation to help our students & teachers with scholarships, senior celebrations, teacher classroom grants, etc.

     No fuss link: https//rolesvillehsptsa.member hub.store/

    Thinking ahead about future testing:  These dates are for families to whom this applies.

    Continued ACCESS testing - March 24th and Mondays March 8th - April 19th

    AP Exams - May 3rd - June 11th

    Spring Sem. Exams - June 4th - 10th 

    NHS Virtual Tutoring started March 2 from 2:30 to 3:30 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  For Google Meet, use the nickname RHStutor.

    Youth Leadership Wake Forest: 

    Do you know a rising 10th-12th grader that wants to learn more about his/her leadership potential, local business leaders, and town opportunities? Applications for Youth Leadership Wake Forest’s 2021-22 class AND a new summer Youth Leadership Academy are now open! For more details, click here: tinyurl.com/axw8d4s8.

    • Click here for a 2-minute video of Wake Forest Mayor Vivian Jones sharing her experience with the program.

    WCPSS Seeking Substitutes:  Our district has recently launched a campaign to recruit substitute teachers. Our subs receive training, work flexible hours and earn bi-weekly pay and incentives based on the number of jobs they pick up. If you have an interest in supporting our schools and shaping bright futures, visit wcpss.net/subs to learn more.  I am sharing these flyers for your information.

    Please support PTSA

    If you have not linked your grocery cards or use Amazon Smile, please do so to support our PTSA.  It is the easiest way for us to raise the money that we desperately need to support school functions.  The Amazon Smile online is listed as Rolesville High School PTSA.  The Harris Teeter code is 2392 and the Target code is 15343.  Remember that Lowes Foods cards can also be linked.

    PTSA drew on 12/18 for the first custom wreath.  Remember that a no-fuss donation gets you a chance to win a custom wreath.  There will be a drawing in January and another in February.  Your donations support scholarships, senior celebrations, teacher classroom grants and more.

    From the Rolesville Athletic Club:

    Livestreaming Athletic Events

    WCPSS Athletics has officially installed live streaming cameras in all twenty-four (24) high school stadiums and gymnasiums to help provide parents, relatives, and friends with access to hundreds of athletics events throughout the year.  Watch hundreds of football, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, volleyball, and wrestling games! Now, friends and relatives who can't attend local sporting events can watch live from any device.  Your annual subscription includes access to the entire network including all twenty-four (24) Wake County high schools, JV and Varsity events, live and on-demand.


    ANNUAL PASS - $5.83/mo. - Billed at $69.99 - (30% Goes Back to Your School) OR MONTHLY PASS - $10.99/mo. - Billed monthly. Cancel anytime. - (10% Goes Back to Your School)

    Have a great weekend and stay RAM STRONG!


    Mrs. Lassiter