• RHS Weekly Updates   |    Sept. 18, 2021 


    Publicaremos la traducción al español en "El Informativo" a principios de la semana que viene. 


    Hello, Ram Fam, 


    Sorry, all.  I am running a day behind.  Here is what is happening this week at RHS. 







    WRAL Voters' Choice:  Remember last year when RHS was voted Best High School???  Nominations  have started, so go ahead and nominate us.   Nominations end Oct. 10th.  The top five finalists will then be part of the vote between October 18th and November 21st.  Winners will be announced in January.  If you Tweet anything, remember to tag it with #WRALVCAs.   



    COVID-19 FAQ:  Ms. Chambliss developed the following FAQ to help our school community navigate school, exposures and quarantines during this challenging time.  




    Parents of Student Athletes:   The Board of Education waived the attendance eligibility requirement for students participating in athletics during the fall semester of this school year.  Please note that at this time, the attendance requirement is waived for participation during this semester only. Students who wish to participate in athletics during the second semester of this school year will need to be in attendance at least 85% of the current semester to participate during the second semester (2022). 



    Jostens Products - Class Rings and Seniors Products:  Student Services delivered Jostens order packets for Juniors and Seniors to 1st period classes on Tuesday.  Jostens was onsite WEdnesday for students to place orders.  If your Ram did not place an order, orders can be placed online at Jostens.com.  If students did not get a packet (including VA students), we will have them available at the Counselor Corner during lunch and the main office.  



    10th-11th Grade Picture Day is Sept. 21 during 2nd period. Order information is available here.  



    2022 Yearbooks are on sale! Order your copy of the 2022 yearbook for the year's cheapest price and 4 free personalized icons. Order at jostensyearbooks.com. 



    Wake Tech Community College Information Sessions:  On Tuesday, September 28th at 2:45PM, Wake Tech will be offering a virtual Live Information Session for 11th & 12th graders who are interested in knowing more about Wake Technical Community College. The live session will explain the curriculum, college transfer & health science programs. They will also discuss the admissions process and other resources, tutoring, athletics & clubs/organizations on campus.  A Google Meets code will be sent to you the day before the presentation to your WCPSS email so you can gain access to the live presentation.  Register for the sessions HERE (using your WCPSS account). 



    RHS Clubs:  We have had a couple of questions about clubs, particularly from parents of freshmen.  You can click this link, and it will bring you to the directory of clubs we offer at RHS. If a student finds a club he or she likes, have your Ram email the advisor associated with the club and the advisor can provide her more information.  



    Updates from Rolesville Athletic Club:  Get fresh new merchandise and apparel! We are stocked with new items and all sizes Small - 5XL! #RAMUp 


    Sponsor Rolesville Athletics - PLEASE SHARE!!!! 



    Join the Rolesville Athletic Club: 



    Volunteer to work Volleyball concessions & merchandise: 



    Volunteer to work Soccer concessions & merchandise: 



    Volunteer to work Football concessions & merchandise: 



    Volunteer to help #BeautifyRolesville: 



    Support our "RAM Head" walk 




    College and Career Promise Information 


    2021 Spring Enrollment Cycle (New and Continuing Students) 

    The 2021 Spring Enrollment Cycle will begin on Friday, October 1st. New and Continuing students can begin the following processes starting on that date: 


    • New Students: Prospective, new students will be able to access the 2022 Spring Online Information Session. Enrollment steps and resources for prospective students can be found on the New CCP Students page. Students who applied in the Fall, but were not admitted will have to restart the process. 


    • Continuing (Current) Students: Students who are currently enrolled in the CCP Program will receive their Eligibility Verification (EV) Form within the [selfserve.waketech.edu]Self-Service Portal within their “Required Documents” for completion. As a reminder, students must submit an updated high school transcript with their EV Form. Transcripts with a print date between September 15, 2021 to the present day will be acceptable. Enrollment steps and resources for Continuing Students can be found on the Current CCP Students page. 


    • NOTE: We highly encourage students to obtain their current, updated high school transcripts and supporting documentation (if applicable) in preparation for the start of the enrollment cycle. Reminder…transcripts and supporting documents (if applicable) are required to be attached to the Eligibility Verification (EV) Form for review. 


    • NOTE: We are still updating the content and information on the “New CCP Students” and “Current CCP Students” webpages in preparation for the start of the enrollment cycle. 


    EV Form Principal/Designee Email Addresses (Response Required) 

    To assist us in our EV Form Workflow, please select a representative from your school to complete the CCP/WCPSS AdobeSign eSignature Information Form. Each WCPSS high school will need to provide the requested contact information within the form to a principal and designee. There is also a section that allows schools to list one point of contact if a joint account is being utilized. Responses and contact information are needed by September 24th. This information will help your students put the correct email address on their EV Form. 


    Mid-Year Graduates 

    Email correspondence will be sent out at a later date to discuss students who plan to graduate early and enroll as traditional Wake Tech students for the Spring Term. NOTE: Seniors who met graduation requirements in December will not be eligible for CCP enrollment during the Spring Term. 


    CCP Website 

    Updates will continue to be made every Monday on the CCP website. Encourage students to review the website for updated/accurate information. 


    Virtual Appointments Reminder (Check My Status & Virtual Advising) 

    Students can meet with a CCP Staff Member by scheduling a Virtual Appointment on the CCP Admissions & Advising Page

    • Check My Status: For any student who is interested in the CCP program or has a pending CCP Application Form and/or Eligibility Verification Form 
    • Advising: For any student who is currently enrolled or recently admitted and has questions about courses, pathways, or registration 
      • NOTE: 9th/10th Grade Students who are admitted within a College Transfer Pathway are required to schedule a Mandatory Academic Advising Appointment 

    Reminder…CCP is “Tuition Free” 

    When marketing the program to your students, please provide notification that the program is “tuition free”. Students are responsible for textbooks and student/course related fees. Discussions are currently taking place to see how students can be assisted financially regarding covering these related costs. 


    Dates & Deadlines (Subject to change…) 

    • October 1 – CCP Spring Enrollment Cycle Begins (2022SP) *Enrollment documents will become available (CCP Application Form, EV Forms, etc…) 
    • October 20 - Spring Schedule Available (2022SP) *Students will be able to view available courses for the Spring Term 
    • November 1 - CCP Self-Registration Opens (2022SP) *Students who complete all enrollment requirements will be able to self-register for courses 
    • December 5 - CCP Self-Registration Deadline (2022SP) *Students will be manually registered for courses (by the CCP Team) after this deadline 

    NOTE: For more information regarding CCP Registration Dates & other important dates, students can visit the CCP website and click on the CCP Registration & Important Dates pages. Dates will continue to be updated to reflect the Spring Term upon the start of the enrollment cycle. 







    Senior Information Meeting Link:  https://sites.google.com/wcpss.net/rhsstudentservices/grade-level-information/seniors/virtual-senior-parent-night 



    In Lieu of a Face-to-Face Meet the Teacher:  Since we have very limited capacity to meet with parents during the pandemic, we will not host an in-person meeting.  The teachers have been asked to provide information including contact information on their landing pages.   You may access these by going to the school website and then clicking on “Our School” and then “Staff Directory.”  In many cases, the staff member will tell you where to access class information that students may also see.  If you wish to peer into the online materials, have your Ram show you how to access it with his or her account.   Staff pages will be completed by close-of-business on Thursday, Sept. 16th. 



    Upcoming Administration of the ASVAB:  The ASVAB test will be given on Friday, October 1st at 7:30AM-10:30AM in the Media Center.  The ASVAB test can be taken by 10th - 12th graders interested in the military & military careers, or students interested in identifying their skills and strengths for various professions.  Please visit: https://forms.gle/U4KVncteNMx5i78X9 to register for the ASVAB.  Students need to register through their WCPSS account.  The final day to sign up for the ASVAB is Monday, September 27th.  Please contact Mrs. Ellis at jellis3@wcpss.net with any questions. 



    Needs Assessment for Parents to Complete:  Our Student Services department sends needs assessments to students, teachers and parents at the start of the year to determine the types of support they need to provide during the school year.  As we all know, the pandemic has made the need for support both greater and different.  Your input is invaluable with respect to planning for the year.  Please take the time to complete this assessment to help us better know how to serve our students.  Thank you! 



    Picture Days:  We will load reminders in the rotating graphics on our website to remind you that  

                   10th and 11th Grade Picture Day - September 21st 

                  9th, 10th and 11th Makeups - October 28th 



    Regarding Freshman Academy 

    1. We have loaded the Freshman Academy Parent/Student information on our website.  All things FA begin here. 
    2. The orientation slides are found here. 




    Stay RAMarkable! 




    Dhedra Lassiter