• February 3, 2017


    Hello, Ram families!  This is Mrs. Lassiter calling with the weekly announcements from Rolesville High School.

    Make sure you ask your student for his or her report card.  They were distributed today.

    Congratulations to our wrestling team!  Last weekend, they won the conference championship.  If you did not read about it in the N&O, go back to the January 29th under Sports and read all about it.  Good stuff!

    We need to congratulate the second round of student athletes who signed national letters of intent on Wednesday of this week.  We also need to congratulate students who inducted into the National Art Honor Society.  If you have not checked out of the good stuff that has happened this week on our Twitter and website, you need to check it out!

    This coming week is counselor appreciation week.  If your student’s counselor has been helpful in any way, I am sure they would appreciate a call or email to join in the celebration of the support they provide in our school.

    The Rolesville High School Band will be hosting a PDQ Family Night in support of the Band program at the PDQ in Wake Forest on Thursday, February 9th.  Part of the money collected between 4pm and 8pm will go to your Rolesville High School band students.  Thank you for the support and fellowship!

    Thank you to all who have made the morning carpool adjustments.  I received three contacts in one week about the dangerous movement in carpool.  No one should be turning left toward the practice field.  We have placed orange cones there to remind drivers.  All traffic should move in one lane and exit to the right beside the orange cones.  If you pull up at the front of the school to the cone behind the cars, we should easily be able to unload 10 cars at the time.  I know time is of the essence, so we all need to play well together.

    For parents whose students ride the bus, I wanted to remind you that you can go to the WCPSS website then to Transportation then to Bus Updates then to High School/Rolesville to see if buses are on time or late.  The local transportation district is aware that some routes have been running behind.  Hopefully, this information will be verification of the timeline for parents and students when there is a concern about the bus running late.

    The WCPSS Transportation Department has also asked that we share information regarding online communications.  They will require you to include your student’s ID when you use the web page to communicate.  It should reduce processing time in Transportation.

    We have reminded students that the second round for the ASVAB military test is set for March 1st.  Students need to register soon.  The inventory is related to careers and does not mean that a student must go into the military.  It is helpful information for career planning purposes.  I will, however, add that representatives are frequently available at lunch times to answer student questions about military service.  We share availability of representative during morning announcements daily.

    We reminded students this week that all who leave for lunch must show their lunch pass.  The bike officer said that he has had several comments from students saying that they left it at home.

    That will do it for this week.  Make it a great weekend!