Rolesville High School Weekly Updates   |   January 20,  2018



    Practice ACT Information Session-Revised:  Those students who were part of the practice session are invited to a session with your parents to learn about your scores and information that will help when you take the actual assessment.  The event will be in the auditorium on Wednesday, January 24th at 6:00 PM.

    Exam Schedule Update:  It has been posted to the school website.  Essentially, the plan from Wednesday through Friday is a slide to Monday through Wednesday.

    Second Semester Sophomore Parking Passes-Revised:  We are planning to sell them on Wednesday from 8-10 AM in the media center.  Please read the information on the website carefully.  There are several requirements that will prevent purchase of a pass if not followed in preparation for the onsite processes.  Remember that forms must be notarized before you arrive and we do not accept personal checks.

    Athletic Schedules:  There have been major shifts from the missed games this week, so I thought I should share.  Some events that were home events are now away.  Nothing is scheduled for the exam days.

         Thu Jan 25, 2018

               4pm Basketball at Wakefield (all 4 teams) rescheduled from 1/5/18 & 1/18/18

               4:30pm Wrestling vs Heritage (Sr Night) at Wake Forest rescheduled 1/18/18

         Fri Jan 26, 2018

               TBA Gymnastics at States

               7:15 pm Swim CT at TAC (make up from 1/20/18)

               4pm Basketball vs Wakefield (all 4 teams)

         Sat Jan 27, 2018

               TBA Wrestling CT at Knightdale

    Makeup Days for Snow Days:  

    Replacing Jan. 4th - Now Student Day on January 22

    Replacing Jan.5th - Now Student Day on February 19th

    Replacing Jan. 17th - Now Student Day on March 29th

    Replacing Jan. 18th - Now Student Day on June 11th

    Replacing Jan. 19th - No Makeup Day Required

    Cap and Gown Pictures:  Feb. 6th and possibly 7th.  We will share information with the students asap to prepare them.  We apologize for the delay and hope to share information from Lifetouch by the end of the week.  The weather clearly has caused us to run behind on pretty much everything.  


    Curriculum Night and Open House:  Set for February 5th.

           6-7 PM:  Information for AP classes and general curriculum information we will be available in the

                             gym area.

           6:30-7 PM:  Information session in the auditorium for rising freshmen and parents

           7-8 PM:  Spring open house to meet the teachers.  We will have 10 minute classes with time to change

                              between.  Parents will need to access student schedules online or have that information

                              handy with teacher names, periods and classrooms.

    Ram Rocks:  Some of you will remember these from RMS.  We have opened this option up for students at RHS.  If you hear your child say that a staff member has done something worthy of a thank you, encourage him or her to go to the main office, media center or Student Services to complete a form and put it in the box.  Sometimes the very best things we can give don’t cost a thing!

    Senior Fees:  June grads need to go to  Online School Payments on our website  to pay $40.

    Registration for AP Exams:  The site for registration went live on December 11th.  Mr Douglas, our Dean of Students, has prepared information for the AP teachers to share with the students.If you wish to see the presentation, you will be able to access it on the RHS website.  Go to Academics -> Advanced Placement -> RHS AP Exam Information -> AP Exam Informational Powerpoint.