• April 28, 2017

    Hello, Ram families! This is Mrs. Lassiter calling with the weekly announcements from Rolesville High School.

    Don’t forget that students have been provided with the exam schedule for the end of the semester.

    Prom is Saturday evening. Students have been reminded to bring ID and to arrive by 9:30 PM. We look forward to a great event!

    AP exams begin Monday and continue through May 12th. The media center will be closed during AP assessments.

    May 3rd, Mr. Grether will hold a meeting for those who are interested in the Ireland/Scotland trip planned for June 2018. The meeting is set for 5:30 pm in room 1607.

    We have several students who have not yet returned their AP agreements. If your child requested an AP course for 2017-2018 but does return their AP agreement by May 19, their request for any AP courses may be dropped. AP course offerings will be determined based on the number of AP agreements that are returned, and we cannot guarantee that there will be space in AP courses for students who do not return their agreements. Students can print AP agreements from the RHS website (available under Students --> Course Registration --> Course Selection Information)

    As we move closer to graduation, remember that senior fees and fines are due.

    That will do it for this week. Have a great weekend!