RHS Weekly Updates       | November 3, 2018



    Congratulations, RHS Teacher of the Year - Michael Dunbar!  This week, the staff voted Mr. Dunbar as our representative to county competition.


    Nov. 6 Election Day Delay:  School will open on a two-hour delay.  The two-hour delay schedule is found on the school website.


    Nov. 6 Club Fair:  Our clubs will be available to talk with students during A and B lunches on Tueday.  They will set up outside the media center.


    PreACT:  Remember that we are giving it on Wednesday, Nov. 7th to 10th graders.  It is critical that students arrive on time and understand that they must remain in class for the entire assessment.


    Reindeer Day Thanks:  Thanks to all who made contributions to the annual Reindeer Day event.


    National Achievers Society Inductions:  Ms. Key has been trying to figure out a time to meet with the students to show them where to sit and review the program.  Given the fact that we also have the school play nearing production time and those dates have been on the calendar since June, it is really difficult to carve out practice time in the auditorium.  We talked today and are of the mind at the moment that we will meet at 5 PM (on Nov. 13th) with the students rather than 5:30 PM to walk through seating and the program. We will respectfully request that our practice be closed to everyone except staff and students.  As soon as we are done with presenting the information, we will allow families to enter and be seated. If anything changes, we will let you know. For now, please make a mental note that we are thinking this option makes the most sense and frankly is better than preparing on a totally different day.


    Fall Play:  The Crucible is being presented Nov. 8-10.  It starts each night at 7 PM.


    Regarding Math and Science Teacher Position Openings:  We are so very sorry for the difficulty we have had in finding an acceptable candidate for both of the openings that have been open for quite some time.  We have made offers and recommendations only to have the candidates retract their names. In a couple of cases, those we recommended frankly wasted lots of the time we had to resume a search.   As you have undoubtedly heard, there is a serious shortage of math, science and special education teacher candidates. Clearly, our school openings are indicative of this shortage. We sincerely are trying to find teachers.  Our staff members are planning, grading, addressing issues, etc. for their own classes as well as those for which we do not yet have teachers. We will continue to do our best through this challenge for students, parents and staff alike.  Cross fingers and toes...




    Reconfiguration of Junior/Sophomore/Freshman Night - December 11th:  In the past, we have had three separate nights.  We are pitching a change-up. All three grade levels will be in one evening and it will run something like going to a conference with concurrent sessions.  There will be 30-minute sessions that you choose from and the sessions will be offered multiple times. In addition to grade-level specific sessions, we will have sessions on WTCC College and Career Prep. financial aid, college planning, military options and college representatives to answer questions.


    Math 1 and Math 3 Score Delay:  The EOC scores for Math 1 and Math 3 will be delayed until the summer.  Tests are being revised and normed this year. Students in these classes will get a letter in the near future to bring to parents with additional information.