• Rolesville High School Weekly Updates      |      July 3, 2017 


    Getting the Text Link for RHS Updates:  Text YES to 67587  

    Student Volunteer Opportunities:  I know that students may want to accumulate some service hours this summer.  I am soon going to need help.  We have a really big summit coming up in two weeks.  We need to pick up trash, weed, mulch and prep inside ahead of time.  We will also need student support staff to answer questions for the folks who attend the summit.  I also have things that I want to do throughout the summer, especially closer to the start of school.  Please go to our school website and then the Twitter feed.  There is a Google link for students to let us know they are interested in helping.  Students are also welcome to email me directly if they have particular things they would like to help me do this summer.  dlassiter@wcpss.net  I especially would like to know of students who can help in the next week and a half to prep things for this summit.  We want the buildings and grounds to be inviting to our guests.

    Report Cards and Promotion Requirements:  You should have received your child’s report card.  There was, indeed, confusion regarding the publication of “retained” on the report card.  If it was not specifically marked as retained, your child was not retained.  It is a good time to remind you of the requirements for each grade level and promotion requirements by grade level.  Promotion requirements are listed on the school website.  Credit requirement totals and course requirements are spelled out in the RHS Student-Parent Handbook.  We will update the website and handbook as we transition into the new school year, but what we have listed now is precisely what you need to stay abreast of promotion and graduation progress according to requirements.  Go to the Student section, then Student Expectations and select the handbook.  You can scroll to find a complete explanation of requirements.

    Student Email:  Student email in Lotus will no longer be active to send emails beginning July 10th.  That day, students will convert to Outlook.  Addresses will remain the same.  Students will log in through the Wake ID Portal and select the Outlook icon.  Lotus will be available as view only until Sept. 10th.  Students will need to print or save to a device/other memory prior to Sept. 10th.

    Ram Camp – August 10th, 8-12:30:  If you know a family who has a rising freshman to RHS, it is really important that the student plan to attend Ram Camp.  Please help your family/friend find the info on our website and get the student registered.  It is so helpful to walk students through the school and transitional information before the first day of school.  Also, we are planning information for parents at the same time students are participating in an orientation.

    Planning for the summer:

    1. Summer School: Pullen has been making contacts to the students who will attend summer school.
    2. AP Drop: This must be done in writing by July 15th.  We prefer that you email Mrs. Nilles directly at knilles@wcpss.net.
    3. AP Summer Assignments: We reminded students over and again during morning announcements to check the information online regarding summer assignments.  They really need to plan when and how they will get this work done.  To do a quality job, they do not need to wait until the last minute.  WE DO WANT THEM TO STAY THE COURSE.  It is easy to procrastinate during the summer.  Parents ask students how the work is progressing periodically.
    4. It is very important that we have accurate information in Powerschool.  Please let us know if there are changes over the summer.  Lassiter will continue to communicate through emails and texts.  If you have not opted in to the text option, we recommend that you do so, since we no longer have the voice mail option for weekly announcements. We will plan to send a summer mailer early August.  It is critical that we have accurate mailing information, as well.  If there are changes to address, phone or email contact information, please do not delay informing us of the updates.