• Rolesville High School Weekly Updates      |      July 22, 2017

    REPEATING BECAUSE IT IS SO IMPORTANT…Ram Camp – August 10th, 8-12:30:  IF YOU HAVE NOT REGISTERED, FRESHMAN FAMILIES, YOU NEED TO PUT IT AT THE TOP OF YOUR “TO DO” LIST.  We know folks might be out of town that day.  If you are in town, you need to register and have your freshman on campus that day.  This school is HUGE and your freshman needs the opportunity to learn how to navigate before the first day.  Also, we are planning information for parents at the same time students are participating in an orientation.  We need accurate numbers to plan well.  Go to the school website to register today!

    Information about Parking and Lunch Passes:  We will finalize the dates and the other information the first of the week.  We need to update the form online before we release the rest of the information to prevent confusion.  It is very important to read all of the details on the form when we update and release it.  Seniors, remember that last year you had to print the forms and have them notarized.  Juniors, this is new for you. The process is the same.  We will set up an Online School Payments account on our website and prefer that payments are made with this method. We will send out the dates and important information via multiple means.  Make it a point to pay attention to the school website and the Twitter feed in the upcoming week.

    Summer Newsletter:  We are planning to send a summer newsletter again this year to make sure we reach families via a different avenue.  We will include important dates to help you plan for the first semester and give insight regarding any changes that students should anticipate for the start of the school year.

    Schedules and Changes:  Counselors, interns and administrators have been working hard to sort through schedules, make corrections and fill holes.  I want to be certain that folks understand that there are many moving parts right now, so schedules are not written in stone for all students.  Please do not assume that precisely what you may have seen in Powerschool will land this way.  We do hope to have most everything complete by early August.  In the near future, we will remind students about the requirements to request a schedule change and the process for doing so.  We do plan to make the process electronic to avoid travel and loss of class time.  More to come…

    Student Volunteer Opportunities:  I want to give a big shout out to the students who helped with the Google Summit this week.  The WCPSS and Google staff were very complimentary of your help and hospitality.  I will be doing additional all-calls through this format, Remind and Twitter for help again soon.

    Summer Workouts resume this coming week.  I know it will not be as hot for the next few days as the most recent have been.  However, students, please remember to hydrate well even the night before you exercise the next day.  Water during workouts is not enough.  Keep the water flowing.

    Band Camp is set for the upcoming week.  It has been great to hear the preparation leading into camp.  Students, the same is true for you about hydration during band camp as mentioned for those doing sports workouts.

    AP Students: Do your summer work.  Read the information on the website carefully and pay attention to details.  

    Thinking ahead to graduation next year:  One of the things we really struggled with this past year was having the clothes for our young men to wear under their cap and gown for graduation.  Some do not have the means to purchase them.  They need a white dress shirt, black tie, black pants and black dress shoes. (It is a little tough to match a red gown!)  I would like to start to collect those things now for next year.  If you have gently used items, have a civic or church group that would like to adopt this project or have a great idea to get these items donated, I would really appreciate the help.