• RHS Weekly Updates      |     June 2, 2018



     Graduation is on the horizon!   First, I want to thank everyone who prepared for the rehearsal.  Preparations for rehearsal and graduation are long and tedious, because we want our students to feel comfortable and our families to enjoy the event.  Our students were great during rehearsal and look forward to Friday at 8 PM when “Pomp and Circumstance” begins! Remember that seniors need to be at RCC clothed and ready to go at 7 PM (not later) and ticket-bearing guests may begin to enter at 7:15.  There are very few things you may bring into the graduation space, so please read the online graduation manual carefully before you arrange to bring gifts, large items or food and drinks into graduation. These items will be confiscated. I just want to spare you any unpleasant and unnecessary interactions.

    Exams:  First, please be sure to check the school website for the exam schedule.  Secondly, students were provided with a worksheet on Friday to map their exams for next week.  It never ceases to amaze me that some students walk into school and ask what exam they have. Please make sure your Ram knows when each exam is scheduled.  Lastly, there were hard copies of the permission forms to allow students to leave with parent permission when they are done with exams for the day. There is a soft copy on the school website, as well.  We will exchange parent forms with passes to allow students to leave.

    WTCC Applications for next school year:  We received notice from WTCC this week to remind seniors that it is not too late to apply to attend in the fall.  Students can go to apply.waketech.edu. 

    WTCC Summer Camps:  We also were reminded that they offer summer camps with limited seats.  Topics include Drones, 3D Animation, Robotics, Photography, STEM and Video Game Design.

    Summer School Applications:  These are due June 22nd.  We mentioned these over the intercom this week.  



    Summer Opportunity: Join Habitat Wake for a Summer of Service! To apply for this volunteer opportunity, please call 919-744-2417 or email christin.murphy@habitatwake.org.   In addition to gaining exposure to leaders in the community, this opportunity provides hands-on experience in the core program areas of Habitat, non-profit exposure, involvement in special events, and a certificate to add to your portfolio or resume.

    Senior Portrait Information:  Strawbridge Studios will be taking care of our school pictures for the upcoming school year.  I have previously mentioned that the week of July 31st, we will be hosting the senior picture event at RHS.  There is important information you need to know now to help you prepare for the sessions.

    First, you will get a letter with a session date and time to which your senior is assigned.  Be on the lookout for this important information. It is also very important to know that if you cannot attend at that time, you will need to contact Strawbridge to reschedule.  They will look at other times at RHS or at other Wake high schools that will be following the same summer format but on different days.

    There will be two different sitting fee types which will be explained in the letter: either $15 or $25.  When the students are here, they will take some combination of the tux/drape, cap and gown, indoor informal or outdoor informal.  The letter will explain more.

    There will be tux/drape makeups during the school year for seniors, but that will be the only pose.

    The letters that will come in June will spell out more details.  I just wanted you to know a bit more now in order to understand that we will not be going to a studio but coming to RHS this summer.  I also wanted you to know the time frame.