• November 22, 2016


    Hello, Ram families!  This is Mrs. Lassiter calling with the weekly announcements from Rolesville High School.

    We are still looking for volunteers to help with Reality of Money on Dec. 1st. We need volunteers for the morning and afternoon sessions.  Students in the past have found the exercises to be very meaningful, so it would be wonderful for parents to help us.  You just need life experience with juggling funds and you can handle it!  Give us a call!

    We will be sending a letter home next week regarding Math 2 and 3 NCFEs.  These assessments are field assessments due to the fact that significant changes have been made to the courses this year.  They will not count the tradition 20% that a NCFE counts.  Be aware that more information will come your way soon.

    We also will be sending a letter regarding the participation rate below 95% from EOCs last year.  In essence, we need to test at least 95% of students.  We did not meet this expectation during 2016-17 and strive to meet the state-expected participation rate this year.

    I want to remind families that we are required to report to DMV the names of any student drivers who do not pass 70% of their classes each semester.  We also are required to report any students who are long-term suspended or who drop out of school.  Please remind students that driver’s licenses are suspended based on this information that we are required to send to DMV.

    As we are planning ahead to next week, I want to remind you that we have an early release day on Friday, Dec. 2nd.

    To those who purchased Boston Butts to support the athletic program, I want to say thanks! 

    Don’t forget that we are out of school the rest of this week. I hope you all have an enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday!