• RHS Weekly Announcements     |     January 1, 2021

    Happy New Year, Ram families!

    I hope your time with family and friends has been good.  It is a new year and I have hope for a better 2021!

    We need to start with a few reminders.  Remember that the last week of classes for this semester starts on January 4th.  We will have an asynchronous day on Wednesday, January 6th.

    Curbside lunch service resumes on Monday.

    Also, we will send student cohort assignments out next week.  These will go out electronically, so check your email.  It will come from this account.

    If you have not linked your grocery cards or use Amazon Smile, please do so to support our PTSA.  It is the easiest way for us to raise the money that we desperately need to support school functions.  The Amazon Smile online is listed as Rolesville High School PTSA.  The Harris Teeter code is 2392 and the Target code is 15343.  Remember that Lowes Foods cards can also be linked.

    PTSA drew on 12/18 for the first custom wreath.  Remember that a no-fuss donation gets you a chance to win a custom wreath.  There will be a drawing in January and another in February.  Your donations support scholarships, senior celebrations, teacher classroom grants and more.

    The Rolesville Athletic Club has a Booster Club meeting on Monday, Jan, 4th at 6:30PM.  The meeting will be virtual, so email racboosterpresident@racnc.com for the link. Join the Rolesville Athletic Club.


    January 11-15

    You have seen most of this before, but please read again to be certain of what lies ahead.

    As we continue to seek avenues to best support students in these unique times, WCPSS will be using the flexibility that the state has given to all districts to amend the grading structure for state exams.  Specifically, for End-of-Course (EOC) and CTE Post Assessments, we will incorporate the following into our scoring plan:

    • Minimum Score of 60.  The grading scale for state assessments will include a minimum possible score of “60.”  The goal of this change is to ensure that no student fails the course as a direct result of their score on the exam.
    • Exam Score Only Improves Course Average.  If a student’s score on the state exam is lower than the combined average of Quarter 1 and Quarter 2, the student’s exam score will be curved to equal their course average.  For example, if a student has an “80” average for the course prior to the exam, then their lowest possible exam score is an “80,” but they will keep any score higher than an “80.”  It is important to note that the score is curved for the purpose of calculating the course average.  The original EOC scale score, achievement level, and percentile will be reflected on the student transcript.

    Exam Schedule

    The schedule has been posted online on the RHS website.  Go to the homepage.  Watch the rotating images.  Click on the one regarding the exam schedule.

    Testing Options

    State law requires that all state exams EOCs and CTE exams) be administered in person.  State exams cannot be given virtually. However, we can work with students and families to make sure they are given in a setting where both the family and student feel safe. The options we are approved to offer are listed below. 

    • Come in and take exam on the scheduled exam day in a socially distant classroom (15 students or less, everyone wearing a mask, at least 6ft. apart)
    • Come in and take exam during our extended testing window in smaller student-to-teacher ratio (everyone wearing a mask and at least 6 ft apart)
    • Receive an incomplete for the course and defer your exam to June 2021
    • If your student as a specific medical condition that prevents them from being able to attend, RHS can apply for a medical waiver with medical documentation provided by a physician.

    More Information to Consider

    The WCPSS Transportation Department is planning to run buses to bring students to campus.  On the days that we give exams, students who ride the bus will be onsite until the end of the regular school day.  The Transportation Department will send us routes when we return in January and share that information with families.

    As in prior years, here is the required form for student information and parent signature for those students who will leave campus upon release from exams.  Students must print and have this form signed in order to leave through carpool or drive off site.

    As in prior years, parents may request medical exemptions for EOC and CTE exams.  If you wish to make a request, please use this form for non-COVID-related reasons and this form for COVID-related reasons.  Once you complete either of these forms, your Ram will not be permitted to take the exam and the student’s final grade will be the average of quarters 1 and 2.

    Senior exemptions are different this year.  First of all, students who are in an EOC course or in a CTE course must take their exams for those classes.  Seniors who have a C average in a course that has a teacher-made exam will be exempt from that exam. There are no exemptions for CTE state assessments or teacher-made exams. For this year, absences will not play any role in exam exemptions.

    CTE post-assessments have additional directions.  If you are taking a CTE Course, you will have the opportunity to take your CTE Post Assessment on January 11th, 12th or 13th at 12:00 pm. Please do not confuse these dates with your scheduled CTE Exam date which is January 14th & 15th at 7:30 am.  If you register for a CTE exam on January 11th, 12th or 13th at 12:00 pm, you must provide your own transportation.  If you choose this option, click this link to sign up for your exam slot.

    If students who are in CTE and EOC classes do not take the required exams, the students will be given an INC (incomplete) for the exam.  We are unable to give a final grade without an exam score.  It is very important that families understand the impact of an INC on a student’s interests.

    • An INC for a course could prevent students from getting a driver's license 
    • An INC for a course could prevent promotion to the next grade level
    • An INC for a course could mean the student will be required to take the exam in June.

    Bell Schedule for Second Semester - IMPORTANT

    If you have not looked at it yet, please do so.  It is located on our website under Our School and then Calendars and Bell Schedules.  We will be using the Plan B and Virtual Academy schedule.  It is very important to note that the third period begins at 10:30, not 11:30 as it has been.


    Planning for More Student Picture Opportunities

    Senior picture makeup is set for Tuesday, January 19th.  It is a workday, so there will be a sign-up plan.  Strawbridge has not sent it just yet, so be on the lookout.  As for freshmen, sophomores and juniors, we will have pictures when Plan B rotations track in.  Cohort A will be on January 22nd, Cohort B on January 29th and Cohort C on February 5th.  We will also have afternoon times for Virtual Academy students to come onsite for pictures.  I will share more information as we get closer to that time.

    Freshmen Orientation

    In an abundance of caution, we are not planning a big event but are planning to allow students and parents to come to campus during exam week (late afternoons).  Students can pick up schedules and locate classrooms.  We plan to split the events to match the cohort to which students are assigned.  There will be more information to come.  Right now, I just want you to know that we are working through a plan.

    Men's Tennis Virtual Interest Meeting 

    Date/Time: Tuesday, January 5th 3:00pm

    Questions? Contact Coach MacIntyre (lmacintyre@wcpss.net)

    The meeting will address practice information, season start date, registration requirements, 1st official match and sign-up!    https://meet.google.com/mbq-vrri-wiu

    From the Rolesville Athletic Club:

    Livestreaming Athletic Events

    WCPSS Athletics has officially installed live streaming cameras in all twenty-four (24) high school stadiums and gymnasiums to help provide parents, relatives, and friends with access to hundreds of athletics events throughout the year.  Watch hundreds of football, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, volleyball, and wrestling games! Now, friends and relatives who can't attend local sporting events can watch live from any device.  Your annual subscription includes access to the entire network including all twenty-four (24) Wake County high schools, JV and Varsity events, live and on-demand.


    ANNUAL PASS - $5.83/mo. - Billed at $69.99 - (30% Goes Back to Your School) OR MONTHLY PASS - $10.99/mo. - Billed monthly. Cancel anytime. - (10% Goes Back to Your School)

    Parking for Second Semester

    We have started to get questions regarding student parking.  As you may know, we will not charge a fee to park until students return to school on Plan A.  We will, however, require the usual paperwork to register the students’ vehicles.  We plan to share that form as soon as we return in January.  It will give students time to complete and return in order to get a temporary parking number/space.  This information will be submitted online except for the portion that has to be notarized.  We will set a time for students to get their tags.  NOTE:  Students will not have off-campus lunch at least for the third nine weeks.  Keep this in mind and begin to think about bringing lunch or eating in the cafeteria.  I put it here, because those who drive often leave campus for lunch.  Also keep in mind that we will not take receipt of food deliveries.  We are going back to the olden days of eat at school or bring your own lunch for a little while.  We MUST limit possibilities of COVID transmission in all ways possible.

    PTSA Fundraiser

    As you know, our PTSA is running a no-fuss fundraiser.  For those who make a contribution, $5, $10 or whatever, you get a ticket and your name will be entered to win a wreath.  No fuss link: https//rolesvillehsptsa.member hub.store/

    If you’ve already donated your name will automatically be included. Total of three drawings will be held in December (#1), January (#2) & February (#3). You can choose from your favorite team for example, ECU, State or UNC. This will help with scholarships, senior celebrations, teacher classroom grants, etc. Good  luck & thanks for supporting your RHS PTSA. Winner will be announced each month.

    Examples of the wreaths are here.

    FYI: Student Accident Insurance

    Student Accident Insurance is available to purchase for students each school year.  Affordable yearly premiums begin at $11.00. Four plans offer optional accident coverage during school time only or 24 hour coverage. The 2020-21 coverage plans, premiums and complete details can be found on the Parent tab of WCPSS homepage under Student Accident Insurance. Questions can be directed to The Young Group at (888) 574-6288.

    Wellness Sessions for Students & Parents

    Parents and students are encouraged to sign up for our first series of wellness and self-care services. I attended this a week ago in a session for school system staff.  Right now, it just makes sense to find our center to help us cope through challenges.

    Notification of Failing Grades and Lack of Class Participation - DMV Notification

    Families of students who drive know that the law requires school systems to report failure to attend/failure to pass classes to DMV.  WCPSS will be following the requirements of the law.  Please, please make sure your Ram is doing work and attending class in order to avoid revocation of driver license.

    Spring Student Schedules and Virtual Academy

    The window to request adding or dropping Virtual Academy for the Spring semester closed on November 4. We are not taking any additional requests at this time. If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Nilles at knilles@wcpss.net

    Also, we are making lots of adjustments to the master schedule, teacher course assignments and student schedules.  This is well underway and we have to move at a very fast pace to pull this together for second semester.  Registration and scheduling usually run from late February through August.  It is a massive task to redesign the schedule and then adjust student schedules.  I just want you to know in case you see changes.  We must do this to meet VA, staff needs, classroom space, etc.

    (Let’s just hope the next school year brings something much more normal!!!)

    Guidance for Parents of Athletes  - Event Spectators

    As some of you know, parent spectators will be allowed to attend home athletic events with certain limits.  We will communicate with families of students in season soon to help us all prepare for events beginning November 30th.  Spectators other than immediate family will not be permitted to attend and those numbers will be limited.  There will be specific instructions related to masks, distance, cleaning and clearance of the event space.

    2021 Yearbook Distribution: Summer 2021

    The tough decision has been made to push our 2021 yearbook delivery date back to July due to the cancelation of senior portraits last week, the need for another set of underclassmen picture days in Jan-Feb, and RHS sports occurring later in the spring semester. We will hold a pick-up date over the summer. More information to come. This also means that lower yearbook prices are extended. The current price of $75 is available until 2/12. Order yours here! If you have questions, please contact Ms. Hatcher at rhatcher@wcpss.net. 

    PSAT at RHS - Registration has closed

    WCPSS high schools will offer the PSAT on a limited basis this year.  Only current 11th grade students are eligible to participate.  Please note the following information to help you plan.

    Test date: Jan. 26th 

    Arrival time for check-in: 7AM

    Test start time: 8am 

    Test location: Media Center - We will follow COVID-19 restrictions for spacing of testers

    Students should bring: 2 #2 pencils, Calculator, Snack, Mask

    Students provide own transportation - Test will last about 4 hours

    High scores on this test will qualify them to be eligible for a national merit scholarship 

    Free and Reduced Lunch Applications

    To apply for free or reduced-price meals, you can do so online by visiting www.MySchoolApps.com. Please make sure you take care of this now in preparation for return to campus in January for all who are planning to return.  Paper applications will always be made available throughout ALL Wake County Public Schools, Crossroads, and at Central Office, or you can call 919-588-3535 or 919-856-2920 to have one mailed to you.

    PTSA No Fuss Fundraiser

    Given that our PTSA was not able to hold our one annual fundraiser (Reindeer Day), the association is trying to determine ways to bring in the money necessary to support school functions.  They have already provided gifts for seniors in the parade and provided treats for staff.  Normally, Reindeer Day brings in about $12,000.  It sounds like a lot of money, but celebrations are expensive with large student populations.  If you have not joined the PTSA or if you have not made a no-russ donation to PTSA, they are still very much open and hopeful that families will help however they can.  Please also help by linking your cards or use Amazon Smile when you shop.  These methods are the most cost effective for all!  With the number of Amazon orders we make today, RHS should get a nice check!

    Forms have been updated to extend the no fuss  & the membership form has the Amazon link updated to include Rolesville High School PTSA because there was another Rolesville in a different state. 

    PTSA Scholarship

    Calling all Senior Rams!  Don’t forget to join the PTSA for an awesome opportunity to apply for our PTSA scholarship.  Scholarship information will be available soon.  Rams are strong!  Rams rock!

    Second Semester Remote Learning and Asynchronous Days

    Students will still have work, but I thought you might want them for the calendar now.

    • February 3 and 24
    • March 10 and 11
    • April 14
    • May 5 and 26

    Attestation Required to Ride a School Bus

    When students return to school to take in-person exams or to begin second semester rotations, we must have a completed attestation on file.  Essentially, this means that you understand and will abide by health and safety requirements to board the bus and attend school.   Students are not permitted to ride until this form has been completed.   Screenings at school will still occur.  You may go online to register by using this link or following the pathway provided.      https://www.wcpss.net/Page/44657     OR    wcpss.net-->Transportation--> Online Attestation Form (left side, bottom of list)

    Senior Fees

    We have posted the senior fees to our Online School Payments.  You can access through our school website.

    Senior Parents! Recognize your senior with a personalized ad in our 2021 Yearbook. This ad can bring back special memories in years to come and it gives you a permanent way to tell your senior just how proud you are of them. Costs are as low as $75 dollars. You can purchase and design your own ad using the Jostens Ad service at https://www.jostens.com/apps/store/customer/2331579/Rolesville-High-School/ 

    Making our Schools Safe Learning Environments

    WCPSS has created and shared a document to prepare families for return to campus.  While most of our students will not return this semester, it would be wise to review this information.  You may also have younger students for which this information is important now.  Go to the  Return to Campus Guide linked here.  It will address student requirements, cleaning plans, transportation questions and more.

    WCPSS Anonymous Tip Line

    After a conversation with a couple of our students who are members of the Rolesville Coalition for Equity, I think I need to remind students and parents that WCPSS has a tip line for students in the event that they see or hear something but are uncomfortable telling an adult. The number is 919-856-1911. Here is the website with more information. This tip line is for real, serious concerns about school safety.

    Here Comes the Bus App

    While it might not apply to many of our high school students, I wanted to be sure you were aware that you will have access to the app for your younger students.  The Transportation Department notified us this week that the app is up and running for the return of younger students to school.

    What if my Ram’s WCPSS-issued Chromebook or Hotspot is not working properly?

    WCPSS has a family help desk to support your needs.  Please visit https://www.wcpss.net/domain/17256.  You will complete a form online to which a WCPSS employee from the Help Desk will respond with a call to you.

    Financial Aid Advisor

    Our new advisor, Linda Taylor,  will begin working in her role on Sept. 14th.  She will be available for our school on Wednesdays from 9AM - 2PM.  She will be working onsite most of the time.  The financial aid video has been posted to our website.  I just want to be certain that parents are aware that they can make appointments to speak with her.  I am not certain how she will want to be contacted just yet, but I want to put it on your radar.  You are always welcome to call the school and ask for the Student Services Department to connect with her.

    Is your Ram interested in participating in athletics at Rolesville?

    The RAC has created a form to make it easy to connect Ram families with our coaches. Simply, complete this Athletics Interest Form to have your information forwarded to the appropriate coach(es).  


    If you must come to school

    I know I have said it, but please come prepared.  You must wear a mask, follow social distancing guidelines and sanitize when you are here.

    If we can handle things remotely

    Anything we can handle remotely, let’s plan to do it remotely.  We will hold virtual meetings with parents, Student Services, etc.  We are happy to schedule them.  We all just need to get our virtual work calendars in sync!

    Have a great weekend and stay RAM STRONG!


    Mrs. Lassiter