• August 27, 2019

    If you are a carpool parent, please read carefully.  

    1.  As you know, carpool will be the heaviest of the year at this time.  Plan accordingly for longer lines and time required to drop off and pick up.  Carpool is in and of itself a challenge.  Please comply with requests.  We certainly do not want to find ourselves in a situation where we have to trespass for unsafe non-compliance.

    2.  There are staff and will soon be students available to help move carpool forward and expedite load and unload.

    3.  If you are asked to move forward to drop off or pick up, please immediately do so.  We would like to help everyone have a shorter wait.  When you do not comply, you are impeding traffic for everyone.

    4.  There is one carpool line and it is the line that goes beside the football field.  If you are driving between the school and the baseball field, you are in the wrong place.  We unload special needs students in that area, so we cannot have regular carpool in the same area to assure the safety of all.

    5.  There is only one lane and flow for carpool.  When you drive toward the school, follow one lane to the school. Stay in line and it will take you to the drop-off area right at the front of the school.  Do not turn out of the line.  You will drive into oncoming traffic and could cause a wreck.