• January 27, 2017


    Hello, Ram families!  This is Mrs. Lassiter calling with the weekly announcements from Rolesville High School.

    First of all, I want to remind parents who have students in blended honors and academic classes that opt-out forms must be submitted by February 17th.  Students are automatically set-up as honors level which requires additional and different work from academic level work.  It is important that students get appropriate work as quickly in the semester as possible.  Please make sure you have this conversation and complete the opt-out to move from honors to academic as soon as possible.  A soft copy of the form will be placed on our school website.

    Monday, we will run the Friday advisory schedule to prepare students for the registration process.  They will watch an online presentation and receive important papers to support registration planning.  We will share the online presentation with parents next week, as well.  Keep in mind that this process is very important and should require conversations at home to make registration selections.  Students will have meetings with counselors to allow for a second review of the registration process and planning procedures.  Junior conferences begin next week and will include registration review.  Freshman and sophomores come after juniors on that timeline.  We are planning to have one day in March where students will register onsite, so all planning must be done in advance of information entry.  All dates for registration are on the school website.

    On Tuesday evening at 6 PM, our Student Services Department will host a Junior Parent Night.  They will discuss registration for the senior year as well as several topics that parents and students need to begin to consider in preparation for that very important transition out of high school into the beyond.  We expect the meeting to last about an hour and it will be in the auditorium.

    From 6-8 PM on Thursday evening, February 2nd, we will host Curriculum and AP night.  Rising freshmen will come to learn more about classes to help with registration.  In a separate space, we will have teachers prepared to answer questions about AP registration and commitments.  We want our students to register for and take AP classes, but we also want them to understand that AP work is college level work.  For all students, we need to get registration right on the front end.

    Starting Feb 1st through Feb 28th, all current AP students can begin registering for their AP exam(s) through the RHS Total Registration Site.  Click on the Academic tab from the RHS homepage, then click on Advance Placement. The AP Test Registration Link is found on the left of the page.  AP exams are free to all AP students.

    Students have been notified that the Valentine’s dance is set for Feb. 4th from 7-10 PM.  Requirements and the outside student permission form are found on the school website.  Additionally, tickets must be purchased online using online school payments. Sales have been extended and will end Thursday, Feb. 2nd.

    Senior parents, we are planning to take cap and gown pictures on Feb. 15th. Information is being mailed to homes and will not be sent to the school.  There will be a sitting fee, so students will need the form and the money in order to leave class to take pictures.

    That will do it for this week.  Make it a great weekend!