• Hello, Ram families!


    I hope you are well.  I want to share a couple of things today and am sure I will share more by the end of the week.


    Virtual Freshman Orientation

    Mr. Garland will post the orientation presentation on August 12th (today) for rising freshmen and their parents.  There will be a wide variety of topics.  You will be able to view more than once, if needed.  We think this will help in the transition. Mr. Garland, AP for Freshman Academy, collected questions from families and has written the responses into the presentation.


    Schedule Change Requests

    The form to make a request will be live on Wednesday, Aug. 12, through Tuesday, Aug. 18.  If a student wishes to request a change, it needs to be submitted on the form and it must meet one of these criteria: 

    1) A student wants to increase rigor (moving from an Academic course to Honors course or an Honors course to an AP course)

    2) A student is scheduled for a course they have previously passed, a student is missing a course needed to graduate (this only applies to Seniors)

    3) A student has an incomplete schedule (holes in schedules will be filled with courses selected during the registration process OR classes with available space at the time of the request)

    4) A student is scheduled for the same course twice, or a student has a schedule with a sequencing issue (i.e. scheduled for French II before French I - in this case the scheduling issue will be fixed, but the student will not be able to select new courses).


    Schedule and Powerschool Help on Th and F this Week

    We will have staff available to print paper copies of schedules and assist with Powerschool issues on Thursday (13th) and Friday (14th) from 10:00-11:30 AM.  Please come to the area outside the main office for assistance.


    Reminder about the Number for WakeID

    It might help to recall that a student’s WakeID is also the same as the lunch number.


    Knowing what to do on Monday

    Teachers will email students by close of business on Friday to let students know how to access class codes, platforms, etc.  As teachers have completed their landing pages, AP Allred has been adding them to the staff directory.  Ultimately, one pathway to a teacher’s platform will be through the landing page.  We have put this layer in place to try to standardize a place where all family members can access contact information and links to teachers’ online classrooms.


    Schedule for next week

    If you have not accessed the bell schedule on the school website yet, please take time to do so.  There are two schedules under Plan B Transition, Plan C and Virtual Academy.  Look for the one that says Advisory.  Classes will start at 7:30 AM, 8:50 AM,. 11:30 AM and 1 PM.  There will be a break between classes to allow for transitions, restroom breaks and so on.  The biggest thing is to know the class schedule and what time each one starts.  Once you get links and codes, you might want to make a written plan and do a dry run over the weekend.


    I think that is all for today.  Have a great day and I will be in touch soon.


    Mrs. Lassiter