• Hello, Ram families!


    I am sending the communication to you a little early this week as I think you need some of this information now to prepare for the upcoming week and also just need timely information.


    I want to remind you that the second phase of remote learning begins on Monday, April 13th.  Our hope is to maintain skills and content knowledge while also delivering the priority skills and content that remain in the courses. While grades, as we know them, will not exist, we do want you to know how your RHS student is doing on the work. We encourage dialogue with the staff.  The schedule for live sessions (synchronous learning) is provided on our school website. Much of the work will be provided to the students to review and try on their own (asynchronous learning) through Google Classroom and Canvas.  


    We know that this move to more independence will come with questions and perhaps confusion as we transition to a very different style of learning.  We also know that no computer-centered instruction can replace the classroom and face-to-face instruction that many of us need. To mitigate confusion and frustrations, staff have office hours each day.  They may ask to schedule specific times based on the number of folks who need assistance.  Certainly, the service will evolve over time. Office hours are provided on the landing page or Google Classroom or Canvas of each teacher.


    I’ve mentioned for a couple of weeks that students must be able to access their WCPSS email accounts.  Please make sure you have communicated this to them.  It is the email that will be necessary for students to not only access email but also the applications in Google and Canvas in order to do their work.  Teachers can reset passwords if students forget them. You just need to let the teacher know.


    Regarding seniors, I think I need to add more clarity to the issue of being “done” for the year.  Yes, it is true that those who were passing on March 13th will get credit and seniors are now held to a 22-credit standard across the state.  Those 22 credits must include all required courses, so some students will still need to show proficiency to earn credit for required classes if they were not doing so on March 13th. We are hopeful that seniors will continue to engage in remote learning for the remainder of the course.  The learning that continues will have an impact on the future for many of our seniors, so please encourage them to stay connected with the courses. Learning will not stop.


    I know most of you want to better understand grades.  We expect that NCDPI will continue to provide documentation about how they wish for us to address grades.  At this time, the NC Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) has shared with school districts that they will provide further guidance on final grades for students in grades 9-11 as we approach a decision as to whether or not we will return to school after May 15th.   WCPSS will make determinations on how to record final grades for students in grades 9-11 based on ongoing guidance for the state. In the meantime, students should put best efforts into 4th quarter content to the degree feasible in the current circumstances.


    Regarding device and hotspot requests, we will have to deliver these in stages.  We have not yet received these devices from the county.  WCPSS has ordered Chromebooks and hotspots. WCPSS is not in receipt of these orders yet.  We will have phases of the rollout, but we cannot schedule the first phase until devices have been delivered.  We will contact folks for pick-up by phase, so pick-up will be structured. As we are able to fill your requests, we will contact you about pick-up.


    I want to remind you that RHS will continue to be a food distribution site, even this Friday which is a holiday.  Please remember that there might be sites closer to your home that also have food distribution.  Check the information here.


    For students in Math 1,2 or 3, we have MVP workbooks available for pick-up.  Workbooks are provided one unit at the time.  We are offering the workbooks to students who are currently enrolled in these classes and they are available from 11-1 each day at the same time and location as our food distribution.  We will need to check your Ram’s name off the student roster for each teacher. Please know his/her math course and the teacher’s name when you come for pick-up.


    I know some of you are asking about refunds.  As best I can figure it, the county is taking this in stages.  We are preparing for field trip refunds first. Prom refunds are on the table as we wait on the directions from the county.

    Reminders from Last Week

    I want to remind you that WCPSS also has resources listed for families who are experiencing great stressors at this time and need community support.  Those resources are at the bottom of this page.


    Several folks have asked for Driver Education Certificates.  We do not have staff at school to handle these and WCPSS has clearly said that we cannot issue them at this time.


    Several of the parents of juniors have asked about ACT scores.  It is my understanding that the company will mail scores directly to parents five-to-eight weeks after the test was taken.  You will not have to wait until we reopen school to get scores.


    The yearbook company has reached out to me.  We were able to pull it together to go to print and we will work out a plan to make sure that folks who bought one will get it.  We have limited copies available for purchase online. Once these are gone, we will not be able to get additional copies.

    Hang in there RamFam!  I look forward to having a little more of a routine next week and maybe we can feel just a little more connected!



    Mrs. Lassiter