• Rolesville High School Weekly Updates   |   February 10, 2018


    Insight on ACT:  First of all, everyone needs to be aware that we will run a modified schedule on Feb. 27th, since all juniors will be in the assessment and there needs to be little movement. Lunches will be a bit later than usual.  We will share some tips with students on Friday, Feb. 16th.  I will even post a page of tips to the school website based on the presentation for students and parents that some were not able to attend.  You should get a copy of a letter regarding the schedule and additional suggestions to prepare.  A soft copy of the letter will be posted to the school website should you not receive your copy.  Please talk with your students about doing their best on this assessment.  They might not think they are going to college right away and may decide to go a bit later.  This is the one chance they will get to take the assessment for free.  It is also important for students to know that while they can take it again, juniors have a limited window in the summer before scores will have to be reported as part of college applications.  There are few more chances to take the ACT in that window of time.  Please make yourselves aware of these dates as students are on their own to plan testing after our school assessment.

    Honor Roll Celebration:  The first semester honor roll celebration will be held on Friday Feb 16.   We have partnered with Blue Bell Ice Cream to have an ice cream social to celebrate the academic success for the first semester.   We would appreciate your support by volunteering to help serve and by providing donations to supplement the ice cream. Donations need to be to the school receptionist by Feb. 14th.  Please leverage this sign up genius to sign up. http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0b44a5ae2fa3fc1-honor

    Registration for 2018-19:  Counselors will begin the process of registration with students on February 20th and the window will be fairly short.  We will send more information soon, but I wanted to put it on your radar.  Time has really flown, hasn’t it?

    PTSA Nominations:  Our wonderful PTSA Board is already thinking about next year.  They very much want to know if there are folks who are interested in a position on the Board who are not presently represented.  Please contact the school or a present Board member to let us know you are interested.

    ASVAB Registration:  All Juniors or Seniors who are interested in taking the ASVAB on MARCH 1 are asked to sign up no later than February 16.  Students may sign up with Mrs. McPherson in 3508 or in Student Services.  The ASVAB is a FREE career assessment administered by the military but offered to all students. To learn more about the ASVAB, go to asvabprogram.com

    8th Annual Shelton Leadership Challenge:  North Carolina Wesleyan College is hosting The 8th Annual Shelton Leadership Challenge July 8-July 13, 2018, for all grade level students with a 3.0 GPA or higher (including graduating seniors).  The cost to attend the program is $500 for the week and includes meals, room, transportation during the camp, and any activities that will take place during camp.  To register or find out the advantages of this leadership week, go to http://ncwc.edu/shelton-leadership/ . The application deadline is May 18, 2018. A scholarship will be offered to students who complete the program and attend NC Wesleyan; the scholarship is renewable each of the four years if the student maintains an overall GPA of at least a 2.70.

    Planning ahead for current juniors:  In the past few summers, seniors have taken portraits at a studio in Raleigh.  We have been in conversation this past week and are very likely going to host tux/drape, cap and gown, informals at RHS during the week of July 30-Aug. 3 as opposed to a studio off site.  I wanted to give you a heads up that we are trying to make the trip shorter and the effort easier to accomplish over the summer.  There will be more information to come later, but I thought it would be important to let you know given it is a shift in the way we have done business in the past.

    Senior Fees:  June grads need to go to  Online School Payments on our website  to pay $40.  They are due by March 28th.

    Registration for AP Exams:  The site for registration went live on December 11th.  Mr Douglas, our Dean of Students, has prepared information for the AP teachers to share with the students.If you wish to see the presentation, you will be able to access it on the RHS website.  Go to Academics -> Advanced Placement -> RHS AP Exam Information -> AP Exam Informational Powerpoint.