• RHS Weekly Updates      |     August 3, 2018



    RAM CAMP 2018:  Make sure you have registered your Ram asap.  Also remember that we will take 9th grade pictures as part of camp, so kick it up a notch rising Rams!  This picture is IT and will be in the yearbook.

    Summer Mailer:  We plan to send information out this week.  Because we will need to send it through the central office mailroom, it will likely be in your mailbox around the the 13th.  We discussed adding schedules, but we decided that most people will look at their schedules online.  Also, freshmen will get a hard copy at camp this week. 

    Parents and Staff Guide for Requesting School Bus Transportation 2018-2019 School Year: Parents can request online for eligible students to get transportation to and from school:  Go to WCPSS.net -> Transportation -> Bus Registration -> Insert information and submit.  If you have trouble with submission, contact (919) 805-3030.

    Routes will be posted on August 17th for Traditional schools. Traditional School Alternate Bus Stop requests, ineligible/transfer requests and joint custody requests can be viewed beginning September 26th.  If you are ineligible (transfers) yet requesting bus transportation, please note that the request must be for an established bus stop.

    If you were assigned to a route in the morning but not the afternoon, you must request afternoon transportation. The same applies if your child has afternoon transportation but no morning transportation. Drivers will check their rosters.  If the student’s name is not listed, students should have a bus pass from the school which allows the driver to know you already requested transportation. 

    Students are required to be at their assigned stop 10 minutes prior to bus arrival. Allow 10 minutes before and after the listed time for pick-up.

    Students must get on and off at their assigned bus stops.  Each student must also sit in his or her assigned seat. If your child is walking more than the Board Policy and guidelines allow, you should contact (919) 805-3030 to submit a request to have it reviewed. High schools & middle school students can walk half a mile.

    If the bus is late or delayed for any reason, please go to the Transportation website:  WCPSS.net -> Transportation -> Bus Updates -> Click School -> See box to get information.  It should show the route number and how many minutes the bus is delayed.  Otherwise, you should call the school. The Transportation Department will notify the school in the event a bus is delayed.



    Families who are leaving: We need as accurate a planning student number as we can get.  This number impacts the number of teachers and number of classes that we are able to offer.  If you are leaving (even if the records request has not been made by another school), please cue us to tell us that this adjustment is on the way.  The less change we have after the start of school regarding teachers, classes, schedules, etc, the better off everyone will be.

    Registration deadline July 30th - Important regarding Bus Transportation:  If you know folks moving into or have moved into the area and did not register their Ram-to-be by July 30th, please let them know that they will need to provide transportation for the first 30 days of school.  For everyone who is already in the system, it is also important to check your child’s Powerschool account to see if it has been marked yes or no for transportation provided. I just want everyone to be prepared for whether or not there will be transportation and, if so, which route.

    Parking and Off-Campus Passes Updated: We opened the Online School Payments for parking fees and lunch passes on July 25th.  The required paperwork and details have been posted online on the school website. Remember that there are very specific requirements that must be reviewed and completed before students are eligible to get a parking permit.  They are:

    • 2.0 or higher GPA must exist and be maintained
    • All fees and fines cleared
    • Review all requirements before paying and applying
    • Complete and submit a NOTARIZED parking application and attach a photocopy of your license
    • Attach a photocopy of the registration of each (max 2) car that you have on your application

    Dates and times for pick-ups are listed on the application forms for both types of applications.  All applications can be dropped off in the main office as there are labelled containers to collect them on the counter.  The deadlines for drop-off are listed online as well as the pick-up dates. The first deadline for paperwork drop-off is August 10th.  Since seniors have pictures onsite this week, it would great if they could submit the paperwork on the same day they come in for pictures.

    Senior Fees - Revised:  This fee is required for graduation.  We will provide the deadlines and important dates for seniors at the senior breakfast.  The bookkeeper set the Online School Payments portal to go live on July 16th, so you should be able to pay now.  Feel free to go ahead and pay to check that off the senior list.

    Schedule Change Requests:  We will follow a process very similar to the one we used last year.  All information is list on our website under Students -> Student Services -> Schedule Change Requests.  Online access to request a change will be available from August 13-29.  Counselors will review the requests and respond to those that they can change from September 4-7.  The following information was made available to students during registration in the Spring 2018 and was posted on the RHS website at that time:  Once course selections are made, schedule change requests will only be made for the following reasons:

    1) A student wants to increase rigor (moving from an Academic course to Honors course or an Honors course to an AP course)

    2) A student is scheduled for a course they have previously passed, a student is missing a course needed to graduate (this only applies to Seniors)

    3) A student has an incomplete schedule (holes in schedules will be filled with courses selected during the registration process OR classes with available space at the time of the request)

    4) A student is scheduled for the same course twice, or a student has a schedule with a sequencing issue (i.e. scheduled for Spanish II before Spanish I - in this case the scheduling issue will be fixed, but the student will not be able to select new courses).

    Students WILL NOT be able to change their schedule because they no longer wish to take a course they requested, they prefer to have a different teacher, or because they received a course that was not one of their top choices.

    PTSA Planning: The Board met this last week to begin to prepare for the upcoming year.  Here are a few highlights.

    • Memberships will be paid online with details to come.  We will have computers available at events to make it easy to join through the membership hub.
    • The Board wishes to reinstate the scholarship opportunity for the upcoming year.  For a student to be eligible to apply, he or she must be a PTSA member.
    • Anyone who will be a volunteer during the year must register to be a WCPSS volunteer.  We will also have computers available at events, since you have to be on a WCPSS campus to register.  It is very important that you reapply each year or apply for the first time early in the year...no later than October 31st.
    • There will be upcoming Sign-Up Geniuses, especially for the senior breakfast (first Friday of the school year)  PTSA will need water, juice boxes, individually packaged breakfast bars, napkins, plates, etc. If you want to send any of these items next week when your senior takes his or her pictures, have them drop the items off in the office.
    • Don’t forget to relink your Harris Teeter, Lowes and Target RedCard for RHS….oh, and Amazon Smile!