• Rolesville High School Weekly Updates      |      June 3, 2017


    For Seniors and Parents:

    1. Senior Fees and Fines: These must be cleared before a student can walk for graduation.  We still have students who owe money.  Students will not get graduation tickets on the 9th if they owe money.  We will not accept money at rehearsal.
    2. Graduation rehearsal at Raleigh Convention Center – Friday, June 9th: Students are expected to arrive by 10 AM for us to begin rehearsal by 10:30.  Seniors need to plan ahead for parking as it is a workday and parking will be limited.  Students must rehearse in order participate in graduation.  Cap and gown are not required.  It is recommended that young ladies practice in the shoes they plan to wear.  Students are expected to exhibit appropriate practice decorum.  If it is not displayed and practice is not appropriately dignified, students will not be allowed to participate in graduation.  They will be reminded of the formal nature of practice and graduation this coming week.
    3. Graduation Attire: Because senior awards were so far in advance of graduation, we did not enforce the attire for awards.  Students have been given requirements for graduation attire and have also been given a long lead time to gather appropriate attire.  Again, appropriate attire is required to march on June 14th.

    Exams this Week

    1. We have CTE, NCFE and EOC exams this week. The schedule is posted on our website.  Remember that exams count 20% of the final grade.  Friday is a makeup day.
    2. Permission to leave forms: These are also posted on the website and are required to get a ticket to leave campus.

    Planning for the summer:

    1. It is very important that we accurate information in Powerschool.  Please let us know if there are changes over the summer.  Lassiter will continue to communicate through emails and texts.  If you have not opted in to the text option, we recommend that you do so, since we no longer have the voice mail option for weekly announcements. We will plan to send a summer mailer early August.  It is critical that we have accurate mailing information, as well.  If there are changes to address, phone or email contact information, please do not delay informing us of the updates.
    2. Student helpers this summer: We have posted a link through Twitter for students to say that they would be available to volunteer.  Many students need service hours.  We will have lots of things that students can help us do.  Please remind students to sign up through the link.
    3. Watching the website for communications this summer: We will also set the dates for juniors and seniors to purchase parking spaces and lunch passes before the year begins.  It is very important that students and parents watch the website and Twitter for updates for the dates and times in August that we will be available to take care of business.