• August 29, 2016


    Hello, Ram families!  This is Mrs. Lassiter calling with a follow-up regarding the first day as we prepare for tomorrow.

    All-in-all, it was a great day!

    I need to remind parents that you are not to use the entrance that students and buses use on Quarry Road.  You are to only use the entrance beside the football field.  While I would hate to do it, it may become necessary to trespass parents who cannot follow the expectations.  We are very purposeful with this direction for the safety of everyone who is driving on campus.

    We had some situations today where students were not appropriately dressed.  We worked with the students today, but I need families to understand that we will not continue to ask students to either change clothes or pull pants up.  It will be necessary to give consequences beyond simply changing clothes or putting on a belt.  I also want to mention that school dress code applies for school events like games.  Students who are not appropriately dressed will be stopped at the gate and will either need to drive themselves for a change of clothes or call a parent to pick them up for a change.

    Today, we gave warnings in the halls regarding cell phones.  As you know, families were provided with a newsletter over the summer either by mail or when you registered.  It was made clear that phones, earbuds, Beats, etc. will be limited in their use.  I am fine with them being used before 7:20 in the Commons before we dismiss for classes and fine with use in the Commons during lunch.  This amount is more than many schools in WCPSS allow.  I am fully aware that they did pretty much whatever they wanted last year, but that permission to use whenever they wanted was very much against Wake County Policy.  I felt I should call tonight to give an additional fair warning.  I do not want to take up even one phone or other device tomorrow.  Please talk about this to help prevent a problem with your family.

    The students did a wonderful job getting on the bus this afternoon.  I need to remind families that all students who are not with a club, in tutoring or in sports are expected to be off campus by 2:40 each day.  We had several students still here at 2:45.  I am sure you are still working out details to start the year, but please make plans to have all students picked up by 2:40.

    That will do it for today.  I will talk with you again, soon.