• Rolesville High School Weekly Updates     |     September 1, 2017


    Senior Breakfast:  Thank you so very much to all who sent items and planned to make this event happen for our students!  The students were AWESOME during senior meeting and very respectful to the parents who prepared and shared the breakfast.  I can’t tell you how happy that all of this made me!  #RamPride!

    Student Parking:  Sunset Manor will call the Sherriff and will have a car towed if a student parks in the subdivision.  I have been contacted by homeowners and the message has been relayed to students.  Students have been given multiple opportunities to purchase parking permits.

    Lunch and Parking Permits:  They will be on sale again Wednesday morning.  Remember to print and have forms notarized in advance.  Also, it is important to read the information online carefully!  Lastly, we would much prefer not to handle cash or other forms of money.  It is much better to use Online School Payments.

    Morning Carpool: I know that the long lines are not fun, but carpool will never be convenient.  Your efforts to pull all the way up and unload several cars at once will get everyone on and off campus expeditiously.  I can tell you that it does not even back up at all until around 7:10.  If you come a little earlier, life will be smooth in carpool.  We are also reminding seniors to cross near the flag pole in one area when the cars are not moving.  We will look at painting a pathway to make this more obvious.

    Afternoon Carpool:  Here is the other secret to carpool.  If you wait until 3:30 or so to arrive, you will not have to wait so long.  You are also welcome to park in a space in the empty lot at the end of the football field and have students meet you there. (I am talking about the lot at the end zone and the away concession stand, not the student parking lot.) Think about it.  After your Ram makes it to the car, you will only be a couple of turns and you will be off site. It will relieve congestion at the front of the school.  Keep in mind, if you want to do this, make sure the students know where you are and arrive early. It may become necessary to require anyone who arrives very early to wait there instead of the carpool line.  As it stands, we can’t get emergency vehicles to the school very well in the event of a serious need.

    School Pictures for 9th-11th graders:  Teachers were provided packets this week to distribute to 9th-11th graders for underclassmen pictures.  Students should have brought them home.  These pictures are scheduled to be taken September 12th, which is a quick turnaround this year.  Makeups are scheduled for October 16th.

    Senior Tuxedo/Drape Picture Day – September 28th:  This day is for seniors who did not take care of it this summer in the studio.  There will be a $15 sitting fee due at the time of sitting for the picture if students would like proofs for pictures.  Otherwise, it is free to sit for the picture.

    Volunteer Registration Renewal:  Remember that we need all parents and grandparents to renew your volunteer registration asap.  It is a much more timely process than it will be if you wait until after Oct. 31.  At that point, approval will be quite slow.  Please make time to come by school to register.  Registration can also be done at other WCPSS facilities.

    Student Volunteers – from Mrs. McPherson:  She will be providing information online and over announcements for students to volunteer in the community.  More information will come, but she wanted to plant the seed.

    College Recruiters to Campus:  They will begin to make visits starting in late September.  Mrs. McPherson wanted to be sure you were aware that there are many opportunities during the year for students to speak with recruiters.  I am certain they would be happy to answer your questions, too!

    Returning Bring Your Own Device forms:  Parents MUST complete these forms in addition to the students and return them asap.  Students who do not have them in place will not be allowed to use their devices in a BYOD format.

    Youth Leadership Rolesville for Students who live in 27571:  Representatives from the Chamber and Town have been planning with me over the summer to develop a program that permits students to learn about aspects of the town and what makes it work.  Local business people and officials will be included in presentations and students will have opportunities to learn offsite.  Wake Forest has had a program of this type for years, so ours would be modeled after their program.  I have a meeting this week to finalize plans and we will provide applications in the near future.  Students will be required to complete the first round of applications based on the written application.  The second round will require an interview, so the process is quite rigorous.

    Student Services shared these tips for the month:

    • Seniors: Review your transcript. Register for the Oct/Nov SAT and ACT Exams. Check colleges for their early application deadlines.
    • Juniors: Sign-up to take the PSAT Exam. Get involved in community and school activities.
    • Sophomores: Stay focused on your school work. Sign-up to take the PSAT. Find out about AP/Honors courses for your Junior year.
    • Freshmen: Remember study habits are extremely important. Use an agenda or plan of study to keep track of your grades.