• Rolesville HS Weekly Updates     | August 9, 2019

    Important Dates:

           Parking and Lunch Passes: Tuesday, August 13th from 1pm-3pm and Thursday, August 

                   15th from 9am-11am


    College and Career Promise (CCP): August 16th 

    Dual Enrollment/CTE Internship: August 16th

           Rolesville Athletic Club Football Jamboree:  Saturday, August 10th at 10 AM



    Ram Camp:  Thank you to all who attended and who helped!


    If you missed Ram Camp:  It is inevitable that some folks will miss camp.  We are going to make printed schedules available from 1-3PM on August 23rd for those freshmen and parents who want to pick up a copy and navigate the building before the first day of school.


    Seniors who missed picture week:  We will have a makeup day on campus on September 9th.


    Need Service Hours?  We need volunteers!  Please check the Sign-up Genius for assistance on Aug., 13, 15 (Student Council representatives for 2019-20 only) and 19.  


    Parking and Off-Campus Lunch Passes:  Check the website for updates.  Information is in the scrolling banner.  Click and it will take you to the requirements and dates.



    Rolesville will be hosting a jamboree at our home stadium Rolesville on Saturday, August 10, 2019 - Games begin at 10 AM. Admission is $5 and we will have a food truck onsite along with concessions, & RHS apparel sales. Anyone wearing RHS apparel will receive a FREE raffle ticket and we will be giving away prizes!



    Bus Transportation for 2019-20:  Keep in mind that the deadline to apply for bus transportation changes or simply to apply for regular bus transportation for 2019-20 WAS July 29th.  The WCPSS Transportation Department will process requests in the order that they are received.  The department plans to release routes online on the WCPSS website on August 16th. Requests for dual stops, alternate stops, before and aftercare needs, etc. will begin to be received on Sept. 25th. 


    PTSA Activities in August:  We have started making plans for August events that will require the assistance of parents.  We will have Sign-Up Geniuses for Back-to-School Teacher Breakfast (Aug. 20) and Senior Breakfast (Aug. 30).  We will need both food/drink and folks to set up, distribute and clean up. There will be more information to come.  If you happen to be a business owner and want to donate the drinks or some food item, in particular, let me know. We will make a note and then not add it to the Sign-Up Genius.  I believe we had some parents secure very specific donations like biscuits or drinks as they already had those items available. I am just planting the seed now to make sure you are on the lookout for more information.


    Free and Reduced Lunch for 2019-20:  There is a change that is very, very important regarding the carryover from last year to the next year.  I want to make sure families are aware. The new time limit for carryover from the prior year is 30 operating days or until the application is processed, whichever comes first.  Remember that if students in the same household are on different school calendars, the deadline for benefits will be different dates. The deadline for traditional schools will be October 8, 2019.  Families will receive a meal benefits card in the mail with instructions about how to apply. Paper copies will also be available at RHS when school begins. Students may request a copy from the cafeteria manager if paper is preferred over electronic application.  


    Lunch Prices for High School:  Full price = $3, Reduced = $0.40


    A and A/B Honor Rolls for 4th Quarter:  We have updated the honor rolls on the wall outside Student Services.  If your Ram was on the honor roll, remind him or her to check it out the next time he or she is in the building.


    Students who have AP Courses for 2019-20:  Make sure you are doing your summer work if your teacher requires it!



    Very Important Regarding Registration for 2019-20

    Remaining Deadlines:

    • College and Career Promise (CCP): August 16th (Fall) or January 10th (Spring)
    • Partial Day (Seniors Only): December 6th 
    • Dual Enrollment/CTE Internship: August 16th, 2019 (Fall) or January 10th, 2020 (Spring)