• Rolesville HS Weekly Updates     | June 28, 2019

    Important Dates:

           AP Course Drop: July 12th (See below)

           Tux and Drape Pictures:  July 29th through August 2nd (See below)



    July 1-5 Week:  We will be on a very skeletal crew.  School is closed on July 4th. We will have very limited access to the public on July 3rd and 5th.  Please do not plan to come to school without calling AND making prior arrangements with whomever you need to see.  There stands a very high probability that the person you need will not be at work.


    Summer School:  Ms. Pullen and the Summer School Staff will reach out to those students who will need to attend beginning July 9th.


    Senior Diploma/Graduation Pictures:  I sent an email on Friday but want to repeat the link here.  Please refer all questions to Strawbridge Studios. Students were provided with a card and contact information at rehearsal.  https://vando.imagequix.com/g1000732050 


    Ram Camp:  The link for student registration is now available on our RHS website in the scrolling banner.  As the pictures change in the banner, you will see one that announces Ram Camp on August 7th. When you click on the picture, it will take you to a registration link.


    A and A/B Honor Rolls for 4th Quarter:  We have updated the honor rolls on the wall outside Student Services.  If your Ram was on the honor roll, remind him or her to check it out the next time he or she is in the building.


    Parking and Lunch Passes:  I am sure you are wondering when we will post information regarding both of these.  We are awaiting final information before we make payments available online in addition to the requirements.  We will let you know as soon as we are clear to post.


    Students who have AP Courses for 2019-20:  Make sure you are doing your summer work if your teacher requires it!




    Weekly Updates:  If you have a graduate and are still receiving this email, it is because the updated student lists do not occur until July 1st.  Please disregard or share with the parent of a rising ninth grader to prepare him/her for updates regarding the new year.


    Ram Camp:  If you have a rising 9th grader or know of one, please share.  We will host Ram Camp on August 7th from 8 AM - 12:30 PM. Go to the RHS website to register.  We will send information and a reminder in July, but we would like to get the word out ASAP to allow you to plan.  We do take freshmen pictures during Ram Camp to take one thing off the freshman plate when school starts. We also have them meet staff and walk the building.  We look forward to seeing our new Rams then!


    Schedules for 2019-20:  We are still in the process of scheduling for 2019-20. Please do not call the school to discuss yet, as we are working diligently to complete and review them.  It will take a few more weeks. We will notify you when we are prepared to share them. Also, we will remind you of the schedule change guidelines and requirements when we get closer to the time that they can be requested.


    Rising Senior Tux and Drape (AND CAP AND GOWN) Pictures:  Strawbridge sets up at our school rather than have students report to a studio.  This summer, several photographers will be on site during the week of July 29 through August 2.  Strawbridge is going to send a letter to the address we have in PowerSchool and it will have an appointment date.  If you cannot make that date and time, you will call Strawbridge to either reschedule for another RHS day and time or another WCPSS school that is also doing the same thing but at different times for Strawbridge. If you do not get a letter by the third week in June, I suggest calling Strawbridge.  If they send me an appointment list, I will let you know we have a list on site. Also, there are postcards in Student Services that juniors need to pick up. It explains how you can save $10 on a package. The card is required. We will post this information on the banner of the homepage, also. (Note:  Strawbridge includes cap and gown as part of the session.)


    Dates for other schools that you may request  Contact Strawbridge directly to make changes to your schedule.


    • Athens Drive High:  June 17th- June 21st
    • Wakefield High:   June 17th-June 21st
    • Green Hope High:   June 24th-June 28th 
    • Cary High:                July 8th-July 12th
    • Panther Creek:        July 15th-July 19th
    • Broughton High:     July 22nd-July 26th




    Yearbooks for Sale and Pick-up:  We have some books for sale for $85.  The can be bought with cash or money order in the main office.  Also, we have some that have been paid for but not picked up. Please pick them up.



    Very Important Regarding Registration for 2019-20

    Remaining Deadlines:

    • AP Course Drop: July 12th 
    • College and Career Promise (CCP): August 16th (Fall) or January 10th (Spring)
    • Partial Day (Seniors Only): December 6th 
    • Dual Enrollment/CTE Internship: August 16th, 2019 (Fall) or January 10th, 2020 (Spring)