• Hello, Ram families!

    I hope you are doing well.   

    Please make sure you are paying attention to the emails from WCPSS Central Services.  Many updates and requests are being sent directly to parents, so I want to be sure you are looking for them.

    The following section is for families who need resources regarding the opening of school in Spanish.  

    Recursos para la apertura de la escuela

    1. Plan B de Instrucción Combinada para el Año Escolar 2020-2021.

    Los padres recibirán información sobre el Plan B de Instrucción Combinada para el Año Escolar 2020-2021. https://youtu.be/PWnOgBUmlFY

    2.    Información sobre la Academia Virtual de WCPSS

    Los padres de WCPSS se informarán sobre la Academia Virtual de WCPSS y cuál es el proceso para aplicar. https://youtu.be/Vpg65ZuV1hQ

    3.    Requisito de Revisión de Salud para Entrar la Escuela

    Los padres recibirán información sobre el proceso de la revisión de salud para que los estudiantes puedan entrar al escuela todos los días. https://youtu.be/Ze387GwqVVg

    4.    Requisitos de Revisión de Salud para Abordar el Autobús

    Los padres recibirán información sobre el proceso que los estudiantes tienen que seguir para poder abordar el autobús escolar todos los días. https://youtu.be/TfezbihTRIA

    5.    Requisitos sobre el Protector Facial, Distanciamiento Social y Lavado de Manos

    Los padres recibirán información sobre los requisitos que los estudiantes tienen que seguir con el protector facial, distanciamiento social y levado de manos. 


    6.    Resume del Guía de Regreso Escolar 2020-21

    Resume del Guía de Regreso Escolar 2020-21 https://youtu.be/xvKlohNnog8


    Information was sent out Friday on Twitter, Instagram, and through Talking Points to the Senior class families. We did not anticipate that we would be allowed to have senior pictures taken on our previously set dates.  We were given permission as of Thursday evening to move forward with photos the week of July 19th.  The information is on the school website under Students and then Class of 2021.  You can access the instructions for setting up an appointment. Keep in mind that Strawbridge cannot use the standard tux and drape set-up for senior pictures this year due to COVID.  Seniors will wear clothes of their own choosing. This picture is the one that will be used in the yearbook.  The sitting fee must be paid at the time of the appointment in the amount of $39.99 plus tax in order for the seniors to actually participate in the pictures this week.


    Due to the potential impact of COVID-19 on internship opportunities in the 2020-2021 school year, students can request up to two total periods for partial day early release  for the 2020-2021 school year only and for seniors only.  Keep in mind that approval will be partially based on scheduling of required courses for graduation.  We must meet these requirements.  Please indicate below what you are applying for:

    • 4th period in the fall only
    • 3rd and 4th period in the fall
    • 4th period in the fall and the spring
    • 3rd and 4th period in the spring
    • 4th period in the spring

    We are adding the application to our school website.  Go to the homepage and watch for the request to come up on the rotating banner.  You will find the form by clicking on the associated graphic for partial day early release.  These will be due by August 17th.


    We have extended the deadline to August 17th to apply for mid-year graduation.

    VERY IMPORTANT RE. VACCINATIONS - Rising Seniors Meningococcal Requirement  - Updated:

    State law requires rising seniors to have the meningococcal booster before starting senior year.  In many cases, this information is on record with your child's pediatrician.  We have a very large number of rising seniors who do not have the booster record on file with us.  For this reason, we are going to need to collect records from families as soon as possible to clear this requirement.  It is important to note that an appointment card will not suffice to keep students in school.  If you cannot produce a shot record, please make arrangements now, we all know it takes a while before you will be able to see the doctor with your child.  We will make contacts to families who need to produce a record.  If you want to mail a copy of the shot record to Rolesville High School to the attention of Jane Stever to assure your child is not on the list, you are invited to do so immediately.  You may also send an email to jstever@wcpss.net with a photo or scan of the shot record. For your reference, you may find more information about the requirement on the Nc Dept. of Health and Human Services website. http://www.wakegov.com/humanservices/publichealth/Pages/clinics.aspx

    PLANNING FOR 2020-21

    Information about the Virtual Academy option is available on the WCPSS website.  Applications will be accepted from July 10-20. This information is critical to planning at each school site, so please make sure you complete the information request during the open period.

    Likewise, please pay careful attention to the requests being sent to parents about verification of bus ridership for the upcoming school year.

    As I said last week, watch and listen to the news regularly.  All of our planning could have unexpected twists and turns.  In this short timeline until school begins, I expect the county will continue to release information with the hope that families will tune in and know where planning 


    We are still waiting on more decisions regarding these.  I will share as soon as I know.


    Summer conditioning for fall sports and marching band camo/rehearsals are still on hold.  Should students be allowed to participate in these activities prior to the start of school, there will be very specific requirements.  More to come...


    Masks:  Anyone who comes to school and requests to enter MUST wear a mask. Otherwise, we cannot allow admittance.  You must also follow social distancing protocols.  While we have not opened schools for general business, there are a couple of reasons that people have had to report to school.  We will let you know of changes to both general opening of the school and wearing of masks.

    Federal Student Aid for College:  While you are home for summer, it is a good time to familiarize yourself with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). More information can be found at this step-by-step guide.

    AP Summer Assignments:  All students who are registered for AP classes next year need to be SURE you know what you need to do over the summer to prepare for AP classes.  There might be slight changes to the requirements, so you need to know what your teacher has posted.  Please make sure you look at the summer assignment information at https://www.wcpss.net/Page/34342 sooner than later!!!

    Rising Seniors taking ACT/SAT: While colleges are making adjustments to testing requirements for admittance, I want to make sure parents and students still have ACT and SAT on the radar.  Assuming that we will have a traditional college application week, it would be helpful to have scores back prior to application if you are going to use scores to supplement your application or if your college-of-choice still requires them.  In a normal scenario, I would tell you to make sure to sign up for an August administration if you are a rising senior.  Traditional advice is out the window, but I do want you to have it on your radar.  RHS is planning to administer 5 times in the upcoming year contingent on health data and direction from WCPSS, NCDPI, DHHS and the College Board.Remember that you are going to need to have your scores back before you apply for college.  Juniors also need to plan to take it at least one more time beyond the school administration for all juniors.

    The Rolesville Athletic Club (RAC) is a volunteer-based organization devoted to providing our student-athletes at Rolesville High School with the best equipment, facilities and opportunities available.  Monthly meetings are held on the first Monday at 6:30 pm in the Rolesville High School Media Center (2nd Floor). Currently, we are having online video meetings.

    We need YOUR help as we continue to grow and improve the Rolesville High School athletic program into one of the best in the state of North Carolina.  One way to support the Rolesville Athletic Club is by volunteering in one of the Club Committees: Apparel and Merchandise; Communication; Concessions; Facilities; Fundraising and Sponsorship; and Membership.

    The Rolesville Athletic Club includes dedicated administrators, coaches, parents/guardians, teachers and community businesses and members who together raise monetary funds each year.  Our various fundraisers have included the Boston Butt Sale, Chicken Plate Sale, Golf Tournament at Zebulon Country Club, and Ram Walk.

    Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and visit our website! 

    Driver Education:  A few of you have asked about Drivers Eligibility Certificates.  We now have a procedure for release of certificates.  After you contact DMV and get an email with the DMV appointment information, you will forward that email to Dean Tracy Miller (temiller@wcpss.net) with a request to set up a time to get the certificate from school.  We will only release certificates by appointment.  You will need to take a picture of the Driver Education Certificate and email it in advance of your meeting at school.  The person who contacts you to set the appointment will tell you where to email the picture of the Driver Education Certificate.  Please limit the number of people who meet with the school representative to the parent and student for whom you are requesting the certificate.  When you come to the school at your scheduled time, you must bring:

    • Student’s birth certificate or passport
    • Proof of address if the current address is different than the one listed on the Driver’s Education Certificate or the address listed in PowerSchool. Address must be verified for the NC Real ID.

    Staying Healthy:  I want to remind you that WCPSS also has resources listed for families who are experiencing great stressors at this time and need community support.  Those resources are at the bottom of this page.

    Stay healthy and Ram Strong!  


    Mrs. Lassiter