• Hello, Ram families!

    I want to be sure to review a few things to help everyone close out the school year well.  Please make sure that you review each section that pertains to you as there might be new details added to former information.

    Many of you may wish to watch the RHS virtual graduation at noon on Thursday.  It will be streamed at www.youtube.com/wakecountyschools.

    Senior families, make sure you read to the bottom about reminders for diploma distribution.


    The campus looks sooooo much better.  I appreciate the hard work of all who helped.  The seniors and their families will surely have a much better looking campus when they come for diploma pick-up next week.


    We are scheduled for events on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.  It is going to be a busy few days.  I just want to give you all a heads up as many of us will be engaged in the event.  Please understand that we might not be quick to respond to calls or emails.  We have some celebrating to do and then we will get in touch.

    And by the way, I would not recommend trying to visit school Monday through Wednesday.  The campus will have traffic on both sides of the school as part of arrival and distribution.  You might find yourself having to celebrate with a family you don’t even know!

    GRADING for SPRING 2020

    I sent the email to parents this week to remind you about the parameters to consider with respect PC-19 or taking a grade.  The form is located on the school website in the scrolling images and under the Academics tab.  Per county guidelines, the form needs to be downloaded, completed and returned to request the grade.  It must be sent to the address listed on the form and only that address.  We will use this account to make sure we have properly updated all requests in Powerschool.

    Keep in mind that all grades are converted to PC-19 first and then can be reversed to the letter grade with submission of the form.  You will see PC-19 in Powerschool until the form is reviewed and the grade reversed to the letter grade.

    If you have questions about the details, refer back to the email I sent earlier this week or look on the school website for the Principal’s Message dated May 29th.


    For students who are interested in summer school to recover credits, go to the school website and either look under Academics or wait for the summer school graphic in the scrolling graphics and click.  You will find information to help you know what to do.  Applications are due by June 


    YEARBOOKS - Opportunity and Pick-Up

    Thank you to everyone who bought a yearbook this year! Virtual yearbook signing is available at www.yearbooksigning.jostens.com.  If you were unable to pick-up your yearbook or would like to order one of our few remaining 2020 yearbooks, please contact Rebecca Hatcher at rhatcher@wcpss.net. 


    If you need to register for bus transportation for next year, make sure you access the online request system on the WCPSS website.


    The Rolesville Athletic Club (RAC) is a volunteer-based organization devoted to providing our student-athletes at Rolesville High School with the best equipment, facilities and opportunities available.  Monthly meetings are held on the first Monday at 6:30 pm in the Rolesville High School Media Center (2nd Floor). Currently, we are having online video meetings.

    We need YOUR help as we continue to grow and improve the Rolesville High School athletic program into one of the best in the state of North Carolina.  One way to support the Rolesville Athletic Club is by volunteering in one of the Club Committees: Apparel and Merchandise; Communication; Concessions; Facilities; Fundraising and Sponsorship; and Membership.

    The Rolesville Athletic Club includes dedicated administrators, coaches, parents/guardians, teachers and community businesses and members who together raise monetary funds each year.  Our various fundraisers have included the Boston Butt Sale, Chicken Plate Sale, Golf Tournament at Zebulon Country Club, and Ram Walk.

    Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and visit our website! 


    A few of you have asked about Drivers Eligibility Certificates.  We now have a procedure for release of certificates.  After you contact DMV and get an email with the DMV appointment information, you will forward that email to Dean Tracy Miller (temiller@wcpss.net) with a request to set up a time to get the certificate from school.  We will only release certificates by appointment.  You will need to take a picture of the Driver Education Certificate and email it in advance of your meeting at school.  The person who contacts you to set the appointment will tell you where to email the picture of the Driver Education Certificate.  Please limit the number of people who meet with the school representative to the parent and student for whom you are requesting the certificate.  When you come to the school at your scheduled time, you must bring:

    • Student’s birth certificate or passport
    • Proof of address if the current address is different than the one listed on the Driver’s Education Certificate or the address listed in PowerSchool. Address must be verified for the NC Real ID.


    I want to remind you that WCPSS also has resources listed for families who are experiencing great stressors at this time and need community support.  Those resources are at the bottom of this page.


    Diploma Distribution Reminders: Make sure you look back at the checklist to prepare.  We are working on a flow that should work well as long as you do the following:

    1. Make sure you have everything you need: cap, gown, tassel AND make sure you have a way to secure your cap to your head.
    2. Make sure everyone takes a bathroom break before you leave the house and go light on the coffee.  Once you get to school, the line will MOVE.  Bathroom breaks will be difficult, especially for non-grads.
    3. We need you to arrive 30 minutes before your block of time to walk.  We need to process the line and also move cars to the other side of the campus to be ready to see students walk.  If your block of time to walk is 9:30, please make sure you are in the staff parking lot between the baseball and softball fields at 9AM.  Remember that you will first go to the Quarry Road entrance to the school to drop off.  
    4. Make sure that if you have two cars you arrive together. You may need to meet elsewhere to allow you to come on campus together. It will be difficult to put you together on campus and keep things flowing.
    5. There will be people stationed all over campus to help you know what to do next.  Please just watch and follow their lead. We will have Spanish interpreters available when you first arrive.
    6. Make sure your phone is charged to allow you to take pictures and video!
    7. If you cannot find the original instructions, you can find them here.

    Virtual Graduation:  The RHS virtual graduation will be released at noon on Thursday, June 11th.  WCPSS will stream the production on the WCPSS YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/wakecountyschools

    Senior Survey:  This is important.  As we are approaching graduation, whatever that form might be, there is some information we need to collect from you.  In this email is a link that directs you to the senior end of year survey that we give at the end of every year.  Please complete your survey as soon as you can by logging into your wcpss account.  We would like to have a survey returned from each student.  https://forms.gle/oSroMHRnLia4Ce95A

    Stay healthy and Ram Strong!  


    Mrs. Lassiter