• Rolesville High School Weekly Updates | June 18, 2017


    Graduation:  Our very best wishes go out to the 2017 graduates of RHS! Graduation was fantastic and we could not be more proud of our Rams!

    Getting the Text Link for RHS Updates: Text YES to 67587

    Report Cards:  They will be mailed during the upcoming week. Keep in mind that they are processed through the central mailroom for WCPSS. This means that you will not likely see them before the end of the week. Many of you have contacted me about being unable to access grades in Powerschool. We have to take the system down in order to run processes and report cards. I hope this helps you understand that we don’t arbitrarily take the system down.

    Ram Camp – August 10th, 8-12:30:  If you know a family who has a rising freshman to RHS, it is really important that the student plan to attend Ram Camp. Please help your family/friend find the info on our website and get the student registered. It is so helpful to walk students through the school and transitional information before the first day of school. Also, we are planning information for parents at the same time students are participating in an orientation.

    Planning for the summer:

    • Summer School: The application period has closed and plans are being made for summer school.
    • AP Summer Assignments: We have reminded students over and again during morning announcements to check the information online regarding summer assignments. They really need to plan when and how they will get this work done. To do a quality job, they do not need to wait until the last minute. WE DO WANT THEM TO STAY THE COURSE. It is easy to procrastinate during the summer. Make sure, parents, that you ask them how the work is progressing periodically. Just today, I reviewed some final AP projects. Our students are capable of amazing work. They need to hold themselves to the high standard. I KNOW they can do it! If they need a friendly call from the principal over the summer for encouragement, let me know. 
    • It is very important that we have accurate information in Powerschool. Please let us know if there are changes over the summer. Mrs. Lassiter will continue to communicate through emails and texts. If you have not opted in to the text option, we recommend that you do so, since we no longer have the voice mail option for weekly announcements. We will plan to send a summer mailer early August. It is critical that we have accurate mailing information, as well. If there are changes to address, phone or email contact information, please do not delay informing us of the updates.
    • Student helpers this summer: We have posted a link through Twitter for students to say that they would be available to volunteer. Many students need service hours. We will have lots of things that students can help us do. Please remind students to sign up through the link.
    • Watching the website for communications this summer: We will also set the dates for juniors and seniors to purchase parking spaces and lunch passes before the year begins. It is very important that students and parents watch the website and Twitter for updates for the dates and times in August that we will be available to take care of business.