• RHS Weekly Announcements     |    October 30, 2020

    Hello, Ram families!

    Happy Friday to you and happy Halloween eve!  All treats - no tricks!!!

    DON’T FORGET!  Want to change out or into Virtual Academy for the second semester?

    WCPSS has opened the window to make changes for the second semester.  The window will close on Nov. 4th  You can find more information at  www.wcpss.net/Virtual-Academy

    Report Cards - Oct.  30th is report card day

    Due to the pandemic and remote setting, we will not distribute report cards to all students.  Parents are reminded that the normal distribution day is October 30th.  Please make sure you plan to review your Ram’s grades next Friday.  If you do not have Powerschool access, we will make a copy available upon request.  If you do not have Powerschool access and need to get access, the steps are provided here.

    We will be reaching out to families whose Rams failed three or four classes.  We must put plans into place to make sure students are able to turn it around before the end of the semester.

    Announcements for Students

    We have been making announcements during Advisory on Fridays.  This Friday, we had to use the time to review Health and Safety Requirements from WCPSS.  Of course, we will review these again before students return.  The important thing is that students across the county get a consistent message about requirements.  We know that younger siblings are in many homes and all family members need to have a clear and consistent understanding.  Therefore, we decided that this message needed to be the order of the day.  

    We will return to normal announcements next week.  In the meantime, most anything your Ram needs to know is in this email.  I send it to parents each weekend and also send a copy to our wonderful Rams.

    Nov 3rd - Election Day/Teacher Workday

    This day is a teacher workday in our calendar.  This also means that all other days of teh week that our students will be involved in regular synchronous learning with teachers.

    Making our Schools Safe Learning Environments

    WCPSS has created and shared a document to prepare families for return to campus.  While most of our students will not return this semester, it would be wise to review this information.  You may also have younger students for which this information is important now.  Go to the  Return to Campus Guide linked here.  It will address student requirements, cleaning plans, transportation questions and more.

    IMPORTANT - From the Rolesville Athletic Club

    Spirit wear is on sale Saturday, 10/24 from 10-4pm at Rolesville Business Days. We will be at the parking lot where the post office is located. You can always order online for custom gear. We have also created a Letterman Store!

    Don't forget to pre-order for the Annual Boston Butt Fundraiser. You can pre-order in person on Saturday at our Rolesville Business Days tent. We have about 100 pre-orders already...Thanks for your support!

    The next Rolesville Athletic Club (RAC) booster meeting is 11/2 at 6:30pm. It's a virtual meeting so email racboosterpresident@racnc.com for the link. Join the Rolesville Athletic Club.


    WCPSS Anonymous Tip Line

    After a conversation with a couple of our students who are members of the Rolesville Coalition for Equity, I think I need to remind students and parents that WCPSS has a tip line for students in the event that they see or hear something but are uncomfortable telling an adult. The number is 919-856-1911. Here is the website with more information. This tip line is for real, serious concerns about school safety.

    Here Comes the Bus App

    While it might not apply to many of our high school students, I wanted to be sure you were aware that you will have access to the app for your younger students.  The Transportation Department notified us this week that the app is up and running for the return of younger students to school.

    Interested in the CCP Program? 

    An informational session video for Rolesville High students is here!  Check out:https://sites.google.com/wcpss.net/rhsstudentservices/career-college-promise for the link to the recording & PowerPoint info.  The recording details important program information for NEW and CONTINUING CCP students!

    From PTSA

    PTSA  forms have been updated to extend the no fuss through October 31st (instead of 9/30/20) & the membership form has the Amazon link updated to include Rolesville High School PTSA because there was another Rolesville in a different state. 

    Regarding Use of the Fields and Courts at RHS

    Except for use of facilities for athletics workouts when appropriate, the fields and courts are not to be used.  WCPSS posted this at the start of the pandemic and has not lifted these restrictions.  I genuinely do not want anyone to get in trouble for trespassing, so I am sending a reminder today.

    For Student Athletes and Parents

    If your Ram is planning to continue as an athlete in college, it is important that students and parents know NCAA requirements.  The NCAA Eligibility Center recently held a webinar to share very important information.  If you were not able to attend, you may access the recording here.  It is very important that families understand requirements in order not to miss opportunities. 

    Senior Makeup Pictures

    We have Nov. 12th as the date for these.  We will send more information as we are prepared to address senior pictures. 

    Chromebook Updates

    If your student has a WCPSS-provided Chromebook, it is very important that the computer be shut down every night.  There are updates that are pushed out overnight and need to run when the computer is turned in the morning.  PLEASE have this discussion with your Ram to help the computers run well.

    What if my Ram’s WCPSS-issued Chromebook or Hotspot is not working properly?

    WCPSS has a family help desk to support your needs.  Please visit https://www.wcpss.net/domain/17256.  You will complete a form online to which a WCPSS employee from the Help Desk will respond with a call to you.

    Financial Aid Advisor

    Our new advisor, Linda Taylor,  will begin working in her role on Sept. 14th.  She will be available for our school on Wednesdays from 9AM - 2PM.  She will be working onsite most of the time.  The financial aid video has been posted to our website.  I just want to be certain that parents are aware that they can make appointments to speak with her.  I am not certain how she will want to be contacted just yet, but I want to put it on your radar.  You are always welcome to call the school and ask for the Student Services Department to connect with her.

    Is your Ram interested in participating in athletics at Rolesville?

    The RAC has created a form to make it easy to connect Ram families with our coaches. Simply, complete this Athletics Interest Form to have your information forwarded to the appropriate coach(es).  


    If you must come to school

    I know I have said it, but please come prepared.  You must wear a mask, follow social distancing guidelines and sanitize when you are here.

    If we can handle things remotely

    Anything we can handle remotely, let’s plan to do it remotely.  We will hold virtual meetings with parents, Student Services, etc.  We are happy to schedule them.  We all just need to get our virtual work calendars in sync!

    Have a great weekend and stay RAM STRONG!


    Mrs. Lassiter