• Rolesville High School Weekly Updates    |   August 18, 2018



    Leaving and Late start:  If your child is not going to attend RHS, please call Mrs. Jane Stever in Student Services to let us know this important information. Likewise, if your child will not start school on the 27th but will start a bit later, we also need to know that information. It is critical that students start within the first 10 days of the school year (by Sept. 10), so please make sure you arrange to have students begin by that date.

    Walk-through on Friday, August 24th from 1-3 pm:  This event is not formal in any way.  We just welcome our students and parents to make themselves comfortable for the first day.  The building is large, so we understand the need to feel comfortable in the surroundings. PTSA will be available for membership and Athletic Boosters will be selling spirit wear.  We will make computers available for volunteer registration.

    First Day - Aug. 27th: Students will report to first period first, so please reference your online schedule to see where to report.  Most students will use their phones to follow their schedule that day. For those who do not have a schedule, the first period teacher will tell the students where to go.

    First Ten Days:  We will run the Friday Advisory schedule for the first 10 days to be consistent about reporting of student numbers.

    PTSA Updates from Meeting on 8/13/18 - Important Updates

    • Anyone who will be a volunteer during the year must register to be a WCPSS volunteer.  We will also have computers available at events, since you have to be on a WCPSS campus to register.  It is very important that you reapply each year or apply for the first time early in the year...no later than October 31st.
    • Don’t forget to relink your Harris Teeter, Lowes and Target RedCard for RHS….oh, and Amazon Smile!



    Free and Reduced Lunch Forms: WCPSS has implemented an online form in an effort to reduce errors and to speed up approvals.  There will be paper forms available for pick up at school, but the quickest way to apply is through www.MySchoolApps.com.  Families are encouraged to apply online for 2018-19 benefits.  Students who were on F&R status for 2017-18 will be approved for the same status until October 9th.  After October 9th, that status goes away unless the form has been completed and processed for approval.

    Registration deadline July 30th regarding Bus Transportation:  If you know folks moving into or have moved into the area and did not register their Ram-to-be by July 30th, please let them know that they will need to provide transportation for the first 30 days of school.  For everyone who is already in the system, it is also important to check your child’s Powerschool account to see if it has been marked yes or no for transportation provided. I just want everyone to be prepared for whether or not there will be transportation and, if so, which route.

    Senior Fees - Revised:  This fee is required for graduation.  We will provide the deadlines and important dates for seniors at the senior breakfast.  The bookkeeper set the Online School Payments portal to go live on July 16th, so you should be able to pay now.  Feel free to go ahead and pay to check that off the senior list.

    Schedule Change Requests:  We will follow a process very similar to the one we used last year.  All information is list on our website under Academics-> Schedule Change Requests (note change).  Online access to request a change will be available from August 13-29.  Counselors will review the requests and respond to those that they can change from September 4-7.  The following information was made available to students during registration in the Spring 2018 and was posted on the RHS website at that time:  Once course selections are made, schedule change requests will only be made for the following reasons:

    1) A student wants to increase rigor (moving from an Academic course to Honors course or an Honors course to an AP course)

    2) A student is scheduled for a course they have previously passed, a student is missing a course needed to graduate (this only applies to Seniors)

    3) A student has an incomplete schedule (holes in schedules will be filled with courses selected during the registration process OR classes with available space at the time of the request)

    4) A student is scheduled for the same course twice, or a student has a schedule with a sequencing issue (i.e. scheduled for Spanish II before Spanish I - in this case the scheduling issue will be fixed, but the student will not be able to select new courses).

    Students WILL NOT be able to change their schedule because they no longer wish to take a course they requested, they prefer to have a different teacher, or because they received a course that was not one of their top choices.