• January 13, 2017


    Hello, Ram families!  This is Mrs. Lassiter calling with the weekly announcements from Rolesville High School.

    When we return to school on Tuesday, we will have 3rd and 4th period teacher-made exams.  Students are expected to be in classes whether or not they have a teacher-made exam unless the student is a senior who has been notified that he or she is exempt.  I am not sure students were very clear on that aspect of the exam schedule for this past Friday or upcoming Tuesday.  We will begin NCFE, EOC and CTE exams on Wednesday.  Parents can complete the form to have students leave after the exam period is over.  The form is located on our school website.  We will also have hard copies in the front office and on the bookcase on the first floor commons.  Students who have permission will hand the form to the teacher when the exam period is over and will be given a pass to leave either to drive or meet a parent for carpool.  Students MUST stay in the class until the exam period is over.  We cannot call the classroom to have a student removed.  Doing so would lead to a misadministration and all students would be required to retest.  No one wants that to happen.  We will not accept phone call permission to allow a student to leave.  Also, students will need a separate permission form for each day that they are leaving at the completion of the exams.

    Friday, we have early release.  Forms for release will not be required for that day, since the morning exam will consume the time leading up to early release.  We will have a plan to provide a bag lunch for students who want lunch.

    We have posted information regarding the February 4th dance which will be held from 7-10 PM.  Permission forms for outside guests and requirements are posted online.  Also, all payments need to be made online via Online School Payments.  The deadline for ticket purchase is January 27th.  Students and staff need the time between the cutoff and dance is necessary to help them finalize plans and prepare for the event.

    As you know, we will be out of school on Monday in recognition of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s leadership and contributions to our nation’s history.  As you go about your extended weekend, it is my hope that you will take the time in your own way to remember him and the legacy he has left behind.  I leave you with a personal favorite quote from Dr. King. 

    “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” 

    Thank you, Dr. King, for leaving behind lessons from yesterday for today and for eternity.

    Have a good weekend, everyone.