• September 7, 2016


    Hello, Ram families.  This is Mrs. Lassiter calling with an important voice mail regarding an exercise at RHS today.

    WCPSS Security Staff working with the Wake County Sheriff’s Department and Rolesville Police Department visited our school today as part of our effort to keep illegal drugs out of our schools.

    Law enforcement used drug dogs to check classrooms and student vehicles for any contraband. Our school is one of a number who have been or will be visited for this purpose this year.

    As I am sure you know, WCPSS policy 6410, section III bans students from possessing, using, selling, or distributing any alcoholic beverages, narcotic drugs, other controlled substances, or products that alter mood or behavior. Students who violate this policy may face criminal charges, as well as administrative discipline by the school system.  Frankly, we want none of our students to engage in behaviors that will compromise their safety or that of others.

    School staff and law enforcement will continue to work to keep students and school campuses safe. As such, we will take measures to ensure the safety of our children. 

    Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.  I will speak with you again soon.