• August 5, 2016


    Hello, Ram families!  This is Mrs. Lassiter calling from Rolesville High School with a few announcements for the upcoming week and general happenings.

    First, based on what I have gathered, there has been some confusion about the senior pictures this summer.  It is my understanding that Lifetouch has sent postcards and flyers to invite seniors to take pictures at their studio.  I have no way to know if all senior families were contacted.  I am certain that some folks have already had pictures taken.  Specifically, I think some folks might be confused about the drape and tux pictures.  It appears that the seniors can take care of those now and will not have to do it at school on October 28th.  I just wanted to be clear that we have set aside a date for the drape and tux pictures to be done on campus if families are not taking advantage of the summer photo sessions.  We will only take drape and tux pictures on October 28th. 

    For those who plan to try out for cheerleading, remember that tryouts begin on Monday, August 8th.  Fall sports pictures are scheduled for Wednesday, August 10th. 

    Also, band camp continues all next week.

    Thanks to all who bought parking and lunch passes this week.  I am concerned that some students think they will be available the first day of school if not already purchased.  We will not be selling passes the first days of school. After I have an opportunity to speak with the office staff, I will come up with one more opportunity to purchase lunch and parking passes before school starts and will let you know that information soon.  In the meantime, please pull the forms and have them notarized to be prepared.  Also, remember we will not accept personal checks.

    Monday evening, we will have our first PTA board meeting of the year.  It will be at 6:30 in the first floor commons/cafeteria.

    On Wednesday, August 10th, we will host Ram Camp for rising freshmen.  We look forward to meeting our new high school students and parents!  Please refer to the information posted online to help you plan for the event.  We will have spirit wear available and will make computers available for parents to register to volunteer.

    The Rams Athletic Club invites you to support RHS Athletics.  The RAC will be selling booster memberships, RHS apparel and game passes at the following times:

             8/10 @ Ram Camp;

             8/15 @ Opening game day for Soccer and Volleyball;

             8/19 @ 1st home football game &

             8/26 @ Meet the teacher

     Do your part to keep our athletics program “Ram Strong!”


    I think that will do it for this week.  Make it a great weekend!