• May 28, 2020

    Senior Ram Families,

    We are creating this guide to help you prepare for your Ram to receive his or her diploma.  It is written as a checklist that you can print and check off or you can pull into a word document for management purposes.

    Please read the document through its entirety now to give you an idea of what you need to do in advance and what you need to do the day you arrive for distribution.

    While we have your attention, we also want to make sure that you have Thursday, June 11th, at noon in your calendar.  WCPSS will release the Rolesville High School virtual graduation online at that time.  We are unsure of all details regarding the release at this time but will forward them as soon as we have them.  Please make sure that you check @RolesvilleRams on Twitter, our school website and your email regularly to make sure you have current information.

    Lastly, please understand that for the safety of the staff, we do not want people who feel ill, especially if you have a fever, to come to campus.  We also ask that if you know you have been exposed to the Coronavirus that you also do not come to campus.  We need to protect the health and safety of all who participate in this event.  If a senior is not feeling well, has a fever or has been exposed to Coronavirus,  we will assure you that we will find a safe and healthy way to give the diploma at another time.

    See you soon,

    The RHS Graduation Committee

    Preparations Before You Receive Your Diploma 

    Seniors and Parents

    _____ 1.  Check your cap, gown and tassel.  You can hang up your gown in the bathroom when you shower to see if the wrinkles fall out in the humidity.  If not, use a cool iron (NOT TOO HOT) to press it.

    _____ 2.  When you are planning what you will wear under your gown, just realize we will be outside.  It is going to be warm, so wear light layers. You also are going to have a good bit of walking to do, so 4 inch heels are not a good idea.  Please just honor your guests by looking good!  This year, you are allowed to decorate your mortar board (cap).  Remember that you will look at these pictures many years to come and want it to be something that you will be proud for your children and grandchildren to see.

    _____ 3. You need to sign up for a time to walk across the stage and receive your diploma.  We have to do this by signing up for times.  We cannot have situations where people just appear to walk and get a diploma due to the capacity restrictions set by the  governor and recommendations of health officials.  You will note that there is one evening event.  We have created this event for those families who must work during the day and need an evening slot.  Given the economic pressures created by the Coronavirus, we ask  if you do not need an evening time that you leave it for a family whose members must work during the normal business hours.  Please register at https://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080E4CADAF2AA5FE3-diploma

    _____4. When you are planning to arrive, you need to be at the school at least thirty minutes before the block of time  you have chosen.  For instance, if your block is 8AM-8:30AM, you need to arrive by 7:30AM to allow us to check you in and give you directions.

    _____ 5.  Bring paper and a fat marker with you or write the student’s name on the paper in large letters that can be read from a distance.  Alternatively, you can print the name in large, bold letters  on a printer and bring them with you.  You may plan for two vehicles per student as needed, but each vehicle must have the student’s name on paper with the paper on the dashboard on the passenger side.

    _____ 6.  Charge your phone and/or bring your phone charger for the car.  You need to be ready to capture this!

    _____ 7.  Make sure you gas up the car, because families will not exit the car and you will surely be using the air conditioner while you wait.  You will likely be in the car thirty to forty five minutes through this process.

    _____ 8.  We must ask that families follow social distancing guidelines, by maintaining at least 6’ between any staff, other students, families and you.  There are times that you will likely need to roll down a window to communicate.  We encourage masks, gloves, sanitizer and hope you will have them in the car.  

    _____ 9. Take a dose of patience before you leave the house.  We have never done this before and hope that the more we do it the smoother it will go.  We had graduation at the convention center down to a science, but this is going to be a new adventure!

    _____ 10. Please think about honking horns in advance.  We know you will want to honk.  The problem is that the people who are working the event need to protect their hearing.  If you want noise, we HAVE to limit it to the time that the student is on the stage only. The space is tight and we want all families to have time to hear the name of their senior called.   It might be better to have something that comes from within the car.

    _____ 11.  Your grad might appreciate a decorated car to celebrate this special day.  Feel free to make your ride a classy memory!

    The Day of Diploma Distribution for Families

    _____ 1.  Leave the house with more time than you think you need to get to school.  You need to be there at least 30 minutes before your scheduled block of time begins. 

    _____ 2.  When you approach the school, go to the Quarry Road entrance which is the one near the baseball field and the bus lot.  Remember that it is a narrow road with two-way traffic, so stay right.  You will go to the parking lot that is near the softball field.   When you arrive, please park in the lot.  If there are  two vehicles for a senior, please park together.  We will motion for cars to drive forward to unload the seniors.  The two cars for any grad must stay together, because we will be lining you up for the viewing on the other side of the building.  We will motion for cars to drive toward the  1900 pod and unload the seniors.  Students will enter the building under the direction of staff.  Please drive vehicles in the same order you unload the seniors.   (They will not enter directly into the cafeteria, because there will be a check-in process that starts in the 1900 pod.)  Understand that we must carefully monitor numbers to have no more than 10 people gathered in the building and no more than 25 people who are gathered outside the building.

    _____ 3.  Also, remember that a staff member at this drop off point will check to see that you have the student’s name in large letters on the dashboard for one or two cars affiliated with that student.  We just want to make everything smooth along the way and match you with your Ram.

    _____ 4. You will leave this parking lot and exit the school campus the same way you came onto campus.  You will then drive to East Young Street and take the left turn driving toward the entrance near the football field.  It is very important that you stay in the same order that you dropped off your Ram as this is the order they will be called when exiting the building for diploma pick-up.

    _____ 5.  Enter campus near the football field and drive toward the school.  You will see cones that direct you to the lineup to see your Ram in his or her walk of fame.  Please stay as far right on the drive as possible in case we have to make vehicle adjustments (sure hope not).  Please also turn music down and refrain from any other noises when you are in the lineup to see your senior come outside.

    _____  6.  You will be driving on the concrete drive between the auxiliary gym and the practice field.  We will direct you when and where to move.  We need to give families space as they celebrate their Ram’s walk.  Please drive slowly and carefully as this space will be tight (naturally is) with tents, people and the items we need for the walk of fame.

    _____  7.  There will be stations for pick-up:  diploma cover, diploma and Class of 2020 gifts.  There will be a photographer from Strawbridge at the stage to take a picture of your senior.

    ______ 8. Out of respect for each graduate and the hearing of those who are working, please do not honk or make noises when anyone other than your senior are on the stage to receive the diploma cover from Mrs. Lassiter.  Please, please, please be respectful when your senior is not yet or no longer on the stage.


    Directions for Class of 2020

    _____ 1.  Go straight into the 1900 pod through the outside stairwell.  It is very important that you stay in the same order that cars unload.  Otherwise, families will get mixed up in the drive-through.

    _____ 2.  There will be a staff member at a table with a computer to check your name and add it to a Google form that will be used to call names in order.  You will need to stay at least 6 feet clear of the table.  You need to wear a mask until it is time for you to exit the building to get your diploma.  If you choose to wear one as you walk across the stage, we certainly will understand.  We also understand that you most likely would like to have it off while on stage.

    _____ 3.  When you check in, you will remain in the same order as check in when you walk into the first floor Commons to line up.  A staff member will show you where to go on a particular spot that has been marked on the floor.  You must follow the six-foot distancing rule.  The staff member will tell you when to advance toward the exit near the gym.

    _____ 4.  We will be using the Google doc from check in to align cars and call you outside to the tent.  The staff member at this location will explain what you need to do when you exit the building.  

    _____ 5.  Essentially, you will walk to a tented stage to get your diploma cover like you would have done at RCC.  We will call your name and you will step on the stage.  Normally, Mrs. Lassiter would shake your hand, but she can’t do that.  We will place your diploma cover on a table which you will pick up.  Turn and face your family for a photo op and give the S trawbridge photographer an opportunity to get a good shot.

    _____ 6.  You will leave the stage and walk to the tent where you will receive your diploma.  Your family will drive along for photo/video ops while you get your diploma.

    _____  7. We have some items for you that celebrate your class near the same location where you will pick up your diploma. 

    _____ 8. Get in the car and drive home to celebrate your accomplishments with your family!