• Parking Passes

    Students are expected to understand and adhere to all policies and expectations. Grades and discipline may affect a student's privilege of driving to school. Please complete the application and submit to the main office. 

    2019-20 Student Parking Application

    Online Payment Portal

    To apply for a parking space, eligible Juniors and Seniors must complete ALL of the following actions. Please be sure to read these instructions carefully in order to receive your parking pass during the designated pick up times. Students will not be able to receive their parking pass until all necessary steps are completed.

    • Check PowerSchool to ensure that all fees/fines are paid PRIOR to submitting an application.
    • Read RHS Student Parking Guidelines and WCPSS Policy 7180.
    • Complete the student parking application and have it notarized by a notary public.
    • Attach a photocopy of your North Carolina Driver License to the application.
    • Attach a photocopy of each car registration to the application. No more than two vehicles can be assigned to a parking space. All vehicles must be registered to the family of the student.
    • Submit payment—either electronically using the online payment system on the RHS website under the “Parents” tab or in-person with exact cash, a money order, or a certified check (personal checks will not be accepted). If paying electronically, please provide a copy of your receipt with your application.


    If you do not have internet access or access to a printer the applications can be picked up in the main office at Rolesville High School. 

    Please note that parking spaces are assigned at random, and RHS cannot provide preferred spots based on specific vehicles.


    Purchasing a Parking Pass After August 15th

    Students who wish to purchase a parking pass during the school year must drop their complete application off in the designated basket outside of room 2527 (next to Mrs. Nilles's office on the second floor). Payments will need to be made using the online payment system on the RHS website to purchase a parking pass during the school year. Completed applications will be processed before or after school and students will be contacted to pick-up their parking pass during their first-block class. 

    Email Mr. Testerink at jtesterink@wcpss.net for questions regarding parking passes. 


  • 2019-20 Wake County Schools Prorated Parking Fees

    August 26 - September 25


    September 26 - October 25


    October 26 - November 25


    November 26 - December 25


    December 26 - January 25


    January 26 - February 25


    February 26 - March 25


    March 26 - April 25


    April 26 - May 25


    May 26 - June 12