• 2023-2024 Carpool Procedures


    • Drivers should pull all the way to spaces directly in front of the building before stopping to let students out of the car. Students should not get out of vehicles in the area between the carpool lane and the bus lot.
    • The entire area between the stop sign and turn should be used for student drop off.
    • Students should have all their belongings ready when their car comes to a stop. 
    • Students should exit their vehicle quickly and move directly to the sidewalk so cars can move away from the drop off area.
    • Student drivers will be entering the parking lot as carpool exits, so please be mindful.
    • No students should be dropped off for carpool in the back of the building by the bus parking lot, baseball field, or staff parking areas as this is a safety concern.

    Thank you for helping to make carpool safe and efficient!

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