• Rolesville High School Updates         |      August 28, 2017

    First Day of School


    Let me give you the rundown of information to help make day two an even better day.

    1. Carpool:
      1. Seniors have been reminded that they need to split from the rest of the carpool lane and turn at the entrance that carpool also exits from Lot A. It sounds complicated, but it will make carpool go faster if they follow the proper route.
      2. Parents, please pull as far forward as you can pull in the carpool lane. We should be able to unload 10 or more cars at one time.  Do not stop right in front of the school if there is open space in the lane all the way up to the stop sign.  Pull up to the stop sign, so we can unload lots of students at once.
      3. Carpool entrance: The only carpool line is the one that comes in from the football field.  If you are using the bus entrance, you came to the wrong place.  Only our special needs transportation and staff are supposed to be in the back lot.
    2. Lunches:
      1. Lunch Passes: We need to make passes for a few students who did not have a pre-printed pass.  In the interim, the Allied Universal officer has the list and knows the names of the students who have paid.
      2. Lunches A and B: We need to have students report quickly to the third period teacher tomorrow.  We are going to need to switch some classes from B to A lunch.  Apparently, when the counselors were making schedule adjustments, the balance of students shifted to B lunch.
    3. Bus Routes: Wheeler worked all day to provide temporary passes where it was possible.  Apparently, families did not register for routes.  This information has been posted in Powerschool for most of two weeks.  We asked that families please register for transportation if there was no route in Powerschool.  As a result of no registration to prepare the routes, the Transportation Department did not know of the need.  There are several buses that are full.  Although they drive into a neighborhood, there is no space until routes have been adjusted.  There will be multiple things that impact the adjustments like purchase of parking passes, first appearances of students, etc.  Routes will be adjusted over the next 10 days.
    4. Lunch and Parking Passes: Some students were unable to take care of this on our assigned days before school started.  We will take care of those Wednesday morning before school.  It is very important that you carefully read the information online about payment. We prefer that you use Online School Payments on the RHS website.  Also, please note that you must print either or both of the forms to have them notarized in advance. 
    5. Papers from School: You should get a packet this evening.  There are some papers that do not need to be returned, but others do need to be returned ASAP.  In particular, we are starting Bring Your Own Device this year.  In order for your Ram to participate, we need to you complete permission and return it (along with any other forms that apply) to the second period teacher who is also the Advisory teacher.  As for the BYOD permission form, students will not be allowed to use personal devices unless parents give permission. It is critical that families take care of this sooner than later.

    The students were AWESOME today!  It was a great day to be a RAM!