• Rolesville HS Weekly Updates     | February 1, 2019




    Report Cards:  They went home today.  


    Congratulations, Mr. Heaney!  We learned late this afternoon that Mr. Heaney, RHS Orchestra Teacher, has been selected as a finalist for WCPSS First Year Teacher Award.


    ACT for Juniors on February 20th:  We attached a letter to the report cards to make sure all families are aware of this very important assessment for Juniors.  It is the REAL assessment that is a legitimate score for college admissions. We want our students to have a great opportunity to demonstrate their achievement.  We also want all families to know how to prepare and the schedule we will follow that day (modified).


    ACT Bootcamp:  We are holding a crash session to help Juniors prepare for the ACT.  On Saturday, February 16th, we will hold a session from 8 AM-noon at RHS for RHS Juniors only.  We will have rotating sessions to address Reading, Math, Science, and general test-taking strategies.  Space is limited. We will have a link in place by Monday for students to sign up for assistance. Spaces will be first come, first served. Students are encouraged to bring a drink and snack. We also need students to arrive by 7:45 to allow us to direct them to the starting section.  We are hopeful that lots of students will take advantage of this free opportunity. Most of the time, there is a fee for this type of support. It is a great opportunity to get the most out of not only the practice but also the free administration on Feb. 20th.


    College Acceptance and Scholarship Letters:  Our Student Services Department wants students to bring a copy of acceptance letters and scholarship offers to their front desk.  The counselors maintain a record of acceptance and a running total of scholarship offers for each class. It is a great opportunity to celebrate with our students as they make plans for the next steps in their lives.


    Speaking of Student Services:  Did you know that the week of February 4th-8th is Counselor Appreciation Week?  Please encourage your Ram to stop by the Student Services Department to say thank you for the support they have given.


    Prom Tickets:  The price goes up February 3rd, so juniors and seniors should buy tickets at the lowest price of the season now at $60.  Prices will increase to $70 until the end of February and $80 in March. Complete prom forms must be submitted during the week of April 23rd in order to pick up tickets.  Attendance specifications can be found on the form. All students must also clear fees and fines before tickets can be distributed. This includes payment of all graduation-related expenses for seniors.  I want to be sure you know in order to make plans to manage expenses.


    ASVAB Spring Administration:  If your Ram is considering military service, make sure he or she is aware of the upcoming administration of the ASVAB.  It generally is something that Juniors or Seniors take to give military personnel a picture of the student’s aptitude and areas for which the student is suited for service.  The assessment gives an amazing picture of a person’s strengths and areas for which it makes the most sense to serve. I took it in the fall of my Senior year because I was considering military service.  The picture it presented was spot on and it gave me a great idea for careers that would fit my talents well. For this reason, I do not think only students who are military-bound need to be the only ones who take the assessment.  The deadline to register is March 1st for the March 5th administration. Students can go by Mrs. Ellis’s office for more information.

    For Seniors Who Want to Become Teachers:  Applications for Cohort 5 of the district’s Future Teachers Program will be accepted February 11th – April 5th, and we need your help to ensure that students are aware of this exciting opportunity. Need more information about Future Teachers? Find it here.  Eligibility requirements are

    • · Must be a graduating WCPSS high school senior
    • · Gain admittance to a college or university for the Fall 2019 semester
    • · Intend to pursue a K-12 teaching career with WCPSS in one of the following licensure areas:  Birth to Kindergarten, Career and Technical Education, Elementary Education, English/Language Arts, English Second Language, Math, Science, Social Studies, Special Education, World Languages


    Honor Roll Recognitions in Wake:  School systems recognize academic excellence in different ways.  In Wake, honor roll is determined in the following way:

    "A" honor roll for students who earn a grade of "A" in all subjects for which grades are given.

    "AB" honor roll for all students who earn an overall grade point average of "B" or better (3.0>) with no grade lower than a "C" in all subjects for which grades are given.




    Senior fees and fines:  It is important that seniors pay fees and fines and return books.  We cannot release transcripts until these are cleared. Likewise, this is necessary to participate in prom and graduation activities.


    Reality of Money:  We are excited to be able to offer the Reality of Money program on Wednesday, February 27th, 2019 at Rolesville High.  State Employees Credit Union representatives will sponsor this one-day financial education simulation.  With Rolesville Business Alliance and community members helping, the Reality of Money event allows students to practice making financial decisions by moving through various stations to pay for housing, transportation, and other monthly expenses.  There is no experience needed to help with this event. If you have paid bills, you are more than qualified to volunteer. Please share this invitation with your colleagues or neighbors.  We need lots of volunteers!  Volunteers are asked to arrive between 7:30 AM and 8:30 AM to receive quick training from SECU staff, in order to begin sessions for students at 9 AM.  Lunch will be provided at 12 noon. If you are able to stay all day, the sessions will end at 2 PM. If you are available for only 1 or 2 sessions, please sign up for those specific time slots.  We would love to have you participate whenever you can. When you arrive, please follow signs and greeters for parking and directions to the Auxiliary Gym. Here is the link to the Sign Up Genius for the event: http://bit.ly/rhsrealityofmoney22019


    From PTSA:

    1. We will soon post the Sign-Up Genius for the first-semester honor roll recognition which is set for February 22nd.  We will be asking for wrapped candy, cookies, water, and juice as well as volunteers.
    2. They will soon share the form for seniors who are members of PTSA to apply for the PTSA scholarship  The PTSA needs freshmen parents to volunteer to read and score the essays/applications that students submit.
    3. They will also begin planning for the senior picnic and will need volunteers.  Be on the lookout for requests for help and donations in the upcoming months.
    4. Planning for next year’s board needs to address this spring.  If you have an interest in a position, please contact the current board.  Facebook is an easy way to reach them.


    Regarding the SAT:  Remember that we have one onsite administration remaining for this year.  There are spots open for the March 9th administration, but they will fill up fast.  I recommend that students register asap for our location. Mr. Morales pursued this for our school this year because he wanted our students to have the chance to test where they are most comfortable.  Remember, juniors need to take care of testing and have their best results no later than around September of the Senior year. Therefore, they need to test in plenty of time going into the Senior year to be prepared for applications.  Please just think about this and do your research to prepare for timely testing. Most schools that require ACT or SAT will accept either one. Research your schools of interest to know what they require.


    AP Exam Registration:  The deadline to register for AP spring exams is February 25.  See the information on the school homepage.