• August 26, 2016 


    Hello, Ram families!  This is Mrs. Lassiter calling with the weekly announcements from Rolesville High School.

    The time is here and we look forward to seeing the students on Monday.  In preparation, I want to remind students that we were very intentional about mailing expectations in July to help students prepare for dress code, use of electronics, parking, lunch passes and so on as expressed in WCPSS Board Policy.  Students need to come dressed appropriately and also use phones in the school only in the commons before classes begin and during lunch.  To comply with policy and to assure that there are no safety issues from students not paying attention to where they are walking, students will not use them during class changes.  Note the change from the newsletter, because additional time has been added for use during the day.

    Don’t forget that we have a senior parade set for Monday morning, as well.  Check our website for specifics.

    I want to remind you again about carpool.  Those who bring your student through carpool need to use the entrance by the football field.  Student drivers and buses enter from the Quarry Road side.  Please make sure you review the expectations for carpool on the website. Everyone’s safety is paramount to me, so I have shared what we need to do to assure safety in carpool.  You will be motioned to move as far forward as possible to allow multiple vehicles to unload simultaneously.  It will let everyone get through carpool more quickly and safely.

    As you are planning for the first day, make sure your student knows whether to ride the bus home in the afternoon or to ride carpool.  Bus routes have been added to our website.  Please check those carefully.  Keep in mind that students who buy parking passes are removed from the bus routes.  I want you make sure you are aware of that.  As in the past, students who do not ride for 10 consecutive days will also be removed from the assigned route.

    Activity bus routes should begin after Labor Day.  We will post specific information online.  Please understand that these routes deliver to general community locations.  We will be working on a system to permit only students who stay after school for sports, tutoring or clubs to use these buses to return home.  Passes to ride those routes will be required.  All students who do not have an appointment or practice afterschool should ride their normal route or carpool home.  Also, remember that all students who are not with a coach or teacher must be off campus by 2:40.

    PTSA is planning a RHS spirit night at Zaxby’s in Wake Forest for September 13th.  We will send specifics in the next voice mail.

    Open House is set for Thursday, September 15th from 6:30-8:00 PM.  Senior parents, remember that senior night will be on Sept. 20th from 6:30-8:00 PM.

    Please check the school website for home sports information for next week.

    Have a great weekend and let’s make it a wonderful 2016-17!