• RHS Weekly Announcements     |    Sept 4, 2020

    Hello, Ram families!

    I hope this email greets you at the end of a really good week.

    Remember that we will observe the Labor Day holiday on Monday and will not have classes.

    No Food Distribution on Monday

    In observance of Labor Day, all WCPSS food distribution sites will be closed on Monday, September 7.

    Virtual Open House on Tuesday, 6:30-7:30PM

    We will host a quick opportunity for you to connect with your Ram’s teachers on Tuesday evening.  It is very important that you review this information to prepare for the event.  There will be preparation necessary to make sure you do not have a frustrating experience.  I have made a short video to help you think through the preparation.  Also, written steps are provided in the rotator on our homepage.

    Student Council 20-21

    The application to run for office can be found here.

    Spring 2020 Grades and PC19

    Counselors have reached out to students who did not request the numeric grade in Spring 2020 but whose GPA would benefit from the numeric grade instead of PC19 in one or more classes. Students who receive an email can talk with their counselor to determine which classes to request the numeric grade and/or get assistance in making the numeric grade request.  Current Seniors and Juniors who wish to have the numeric grade posted in time for the 1st run of rank this school year must have their request properly submitted no later than September 11, 2020.


    WCPSS is hosting a college fair in Spanish.  This is the link to sign up.


    SAT at RHS on Saturday, Oct. 3rd

    Right now, we have open spaces for students to test at RHS on October 3rd.  The regular registration deadline is September 4th.  Late registration runs until September 22nd.   Go to the College Board website to register.

    PSAT at RHS for Interested Students

    This optional assessment is given to sophomores who wish to take the assessment as practice and also to potentially qualify to be a  National Merit Scholar.  We typically give this in the fall of the year, but Wake is planning to give it in late January for this school year.  I will share more information when we are closer to that time.

    Financial Aid Advisor

    Our new advisor, Linda Taylor,  will begin working in her role on Sept. 14th.  She will be available for our school on Wednesdays from 9AM - 2PM.  She will be working onsite most of the time.  The financial aid video has been posted to our website.  I just want to be certain that parents are aware that they can make appointments to speak with her.  I am not certain how she will want to be contacted just yet, but I want to put it on your radar.  You are always welcome to call the school and ask for the Student Services Department to connect with her.

    Interim Reporting

    In the virtual environment, we will not send paper interims unless you request copies.  I just wanted to give you a heads up on that,  

    Freshman Academy will have two interim reporting times per grading period while grade 10-12 will have one interim week.  The goal for the first interim period for Freshman Academy is really to make a connection with parents in lieu of a specific interim.  In lieu of a formal interim, they are asking parents to participate in the Open House on Sept. 8th.  Grades 10-12 interim week is Sept. 21st.  At that time, parents need to check grades if they have not already done so.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have regarding grades at any time.

    Join the Rolesville Athletic Club (RAC)

    Our athletic boosters invite parents to join.  Go to www.racnc.com to find out how you can become a member.  Questions can be sent through the website to the president.  Stay informed and connected at 

    Instagram  @RAC_VillesideBoosters

    Facebook   Rolesville Athletic Club

    Twitter   @rolesvilleAC1

    Website   RACNC.com

    Is your Ram interested in participating in athletics at Rolesville?

    The RAC has created a form to make it easy to connect Ram families with our coaches. Simply, complete this Athletics Interest Form to have your information forwarded to the appropriate coach(es).  


    The Next Rolesville Athletic Club (RAC) Booster Meeting is 9/8 at 6:30pm 

    It's a virtual meeting so email contact@racnc.com for the link. We are having an "Open House" at 7:45pm at the end of the RHS open house. Teachers will provide the link.

    Senior Parade

    We have set the date and will share information to help students prepare.  Seniors need to hold Sept. 18th for the event.  We will share more information as it develops.  We do welcome parents to ride with their seniors.  We hope folks will decorate their cars, too.  We need to have some fun and get our school spirit on!

    WCPSS Playground Equipment Closed

    With recent restrictions lifted for gyms and other areas in the state, WCPSS wants to remind all that WCPSS campuses (specifically playground equipment) is still closed for use.  These spaces will remain closed until WCPSS returns to Plan A, full face-to-face instruction and capacity.

    Virtual College Resources

    Sept. 2020

    Virtual College Fair including Military, Apprenticeships & Virtual Breakout Sessions by WCPSS CDC’s (Career Development Coordinators):  Virtual College Fair 2020

    Thursday, September 3 at 9:00am - R3NC College Fair -  Local College Admission Counselors in the Raleigh area will be hosting another virtual event targeted towards interested Seniors and Parents. Here is the registration link: https://uncw.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_OKQl5P9-TnW7UT3BaN1WcA.

    Appalachian State University, Boone, NC

    East Carolina University, Greenville, NC

    Johnson & Wales University, Charlotte, NC

    University of Alabama, Birmingham, AL

    University of North Carolina, Charlotte, NC

    University of North Carolina, Greensboro, NC

    University of North Carolina, Wilmington, NC

    University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC

    Monday, September 14 - Friday October 9 - CACRAO's Virtual College Exploration Events for all North and South Carolina students. This is the College Fair that is usually hosted at the NCSU McKimmon Center. CACRAO is proud to present the Virtual presentations for students to explore college opportunities. The four-week program consists of hundreds of opportunities for students to learn about the college search process and about many different colleges through panel presentations and information sessions. While each academic year presents unique challenges, we know this year will present many challenges like never before. We hope that this year's virtual events will be an easy and accessible way for students to learn more about the unique college opportunities from CACRAO partners close to home, and around the world. 

    *Hear from Admission Officers:  Experienced admission counselors will tell you what you need to know.


    *Gain Important College Knowledge:  Choose from 280 different presentations and information sessions.

    *201 Colleges and Universities:  Learn more about a hundred different colleges from 26 states, Washington DC and 4 countries.


    If You Were Not Able to Pick Up Materials the First Week

    If you still need to pick up a math workbook, an AP textbook or any other materials that your Ram’s teacher told them to collect, we will be open from 8 AM until 3 PM Monday through Friday.  We have moved items to the front office and will provide what you need when you come by school.  

    Get outfitted for the new school year! 

    The RAC has t-shirts, hoodies, visors, shorts, hats, umbrellas and other merchandise. Get a peek of some of what we have on hand. You can always order online for custom gear.

    RAC Golf Tournament

    Our Annual Golf Tournament is coming up on 3rd. More details about the tournament and registration are available online.

    Deadlines for Work to be Completed/Attendance

    Whereas it is reasonable, I have told teachers that they can put a timeline (not just date but also actual time) that assignments are due.  Teachers cannot be expected to respond or work well with students if they submit work at 11:59 PM on the day it is due.  

    Teachers will generally mark attendance during the period, so you can see if your Ram is participating synchronously during the period.

    WCPSS and RHS Handbooks

    For those who came through materials distribution, we gave you a hard copy of the WCPSS handbook.  For those who did not come to school, we have linked the WCPSS handbook in addition to the RHS handbook to our website.

    Senior Picture Proofs

    I am sending a reminder that proofs will be sent to the email address that students used when they paid the session fee.  I am not sure everyone understood where to look for proofs.

    students will need to actually pick anything up.  If they/you do, the plan is:

    If you must come to school

    I know I have said it, but please come prepared.  You must wear a mask, follow social distancing guidelines and sanitize when you are here.

    If we can handle things remotely

    Anything we can handle remotely, let’s plan to do it remotely.  We will hold virtual meetings with parents, Student Services, etc.  We are happy to schedule them.  We all just need to get our virtual work calendars in sync!

    Immunizations for Seniors, including Virtual Academy

    We still have over 200 seniors for which we do not have complete shot information.  We will be in touch with you again, as necessary.  While we are learning remotely, the expectation is that we either get the records to show that the booster has been given in the past or we need to know that it will be completed.  The legal requirement has been temporarily suspended until Sept. 30th.  I mentioned before that it takes time to set up appointments for boosters and actually get into the office.  If you have not made that appointment, you need to do it now.  I need records on or before Sept. 30th to tell me that you have satisfied this legal requirement.  Understand that I do not know if there will be a further extension.  Wherever that deadline finally lands, I will have to suspend students from school until the shots have been completed and verified with the school.

    Have a great weekend and stay RAM STRONG!


    Mrs. Lassiter