• Rolesville HS Weekly Updates     | March 1, 2019




    Next Early Release: Friday, March 8

    ACT Makeup Day:  March 12

    First Cap and Gown Delivery: March 14 during lunches



    Honor Roll Thanks!  I sincerely appreciate the donations and the volunteer efforts to make the first-semester honor roll celebration special.  If your honor roll Ram has not checked it out, the lists are posted on the wall outside Student Services.


    Registration from Lassiter: So we are heavily engaged in registration for 2019-20. This work is incredibly important to plans for the upcoming year.  I feel that I need to add more than simply the plan that our counselors will follow. I need families to understand that students need to make choices they can live with.  We are working hard from our side to plan for the master schedule which is a behemoth to create. This work begins with smart registration. We must have registration information to know how many of each class to create and we also have to assign teachers.  It is an intensive process that begins with the numbers of requests that we get. It is for this reason that the selections must be as precise as possible and students need to be committed when they make the online clicks. As you know, the specifications to request an adjustment to a schedule are limited.   Please make sure your Ram understands the importance of making good selections as well as the limited circumstances that we will review and possibly honor changes.




    National Honor Society Applications:  Students who are eligible to apply based on the grade requirement were invited to a meeting on Friday during Advisory to hear from the advisors regarding application requirements.  Applications require teacher recommendations.  It is extremely important that teacher recommendations be hand-delivered to Mrs. Myers in room 1907 by the recommending teachers.  Delivery by a student or placement in a teacher’s box is not permitted. Likewise, late applications WILL NOT be accepted.  For this reason, applicants must allow time to prevent deadline problems.


    Very Important Regarding Registration for Rising 10-12th Graders:  High school registration for the 2019-20 school year begins on Monday, February 25th.  All applications for application courses are located on our website under Academics – Course Registration 2019-2020 and on the shelves in the first-floor commons.  The schedule will be as follows:

    On-Campus Registration with School Counselors: February 25th - March 14th: Registration will be in the Media Center during Periods 1,2, and 4.

    • 9th Grade: March 7th, 11th, 13th
    • 10th Grade: February 28th, March 4th & 6th
    • 11th Grade: February 25th, 26th, & 27th
    • Make-ups: February 27th, March 6th, 13th & 14th  



    • Application Courses/AP Agreements/Teacher Cadets: March 29th
    • Mid-Year and Early Graduates: June 14th
    • AP Course Drop: July 12th
    • College and Career Promise (CCP): August 16th (Fall) or January 10th (Spring)
    • Partial Day (Seniors Only): December 6th
    • Dual Enrollment/CTE Internship: August 16th, 2019 (Fall) or January 10th, 2020 (Spring)


    Application Courses:  If your Ram plans to apply for an application course for next year, it is very important that he or she get an application from the bins in the first floor Commons on the bookcases.  Deadlines are firm and directions must be followed. Applications should be completed and submitted by the day of registration.


    B.T.A.G. and Key Club Toiletries Drive:  The clubs are sponsoring a joint toiletries drive to benefit the pantry at Rolesville Middle School.  We will happily take any type of toiletry you might like to send. A list has been tweeted and in the Twitter feed on our website.  Red boxes are available in prominent places throughout the school. Please help them fill the shelves.


    Muslim Students Association:  They are conducting a canned food drive.


    PTSA Scholarship - Need committee members:  We still need to find 1-2 more folks who will help review anonymous applications for the PTSA scholarship.  We will soon make the applications available to seniors, so we need parents of freshmen, sophomores or juniors (no seniors).  Applications will be due in April and winners will be revealed and included in the senior awards program. This committee should not be a big time commitment.  Let me know if you are interested.


    Planning for PTSA 2019-20:  The current board is seeking interest for positions.  While we know folks may find an elected position constraining, we also would like to know if there are folks who are willing to chair a committee.  Feel free to let me know or speak with a current board member.


    College Acceptance and Scholarship Letters:  Our Student Services Department wants students to bring a copy of acceptance letters and scholarship offers to their front desk.  The counselors maintain a record of acceptance and a running total of scholarship offers for each class. It is a great opportunity to celebrate with our students as they make plans for the next steps in their lives.


    For Seniors Who Want to Become Teachers:  Applications for Cohort 5 of the district’s Future Teachers Program will be accepted February 11th – April 5th, and we need your help to ensure that students are aware of this exciting opportunity. Need more information about Future Teachers? Find it here.  Eligibility requirements are

    • · Must be a graduating WCPSS high school senior
    • · Gain admittance to a college or university for the Fall 2019 semester
    • · Intend to pursue a K-12 teaching career with WCPSS in one of the following licensure areas:  Birth to Kindergarten, Career and Technical Education, Elementary Education, English/Language Arts, English Second Language, Math, Science, Social Studies, Special Education, World Languages


    Prom Tickets:  Prices increased to $80 for March.  Complete prom forms must be submitted during the week of April 23rd in order to pick up tickets.  Attendance specifications can be found on the form. All students must also clear fees and fines before tickets can be distributed.  This includes payment of all graduation-related expenses for seniors. I want to be sure you know in order to make plans to manage expenses.


    Senior fees and fines:  It is important that seniors pay fees and fines and return books.  We cannot release transcripts until these are cleared. Likewise, this is necessary to participate in prom and graduation activities.