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    College Board/SAT

    Student and parent information on the SAT, free test preparation, college planning, and resources.
    Student and parent information on the ACT, free test preparation, college planning, and resources.
    Top Strategies for the SAT
    Top Strategies for the ACT

    SAT Prep Classes

    SAT and ACT Boot Camps ~ The WELL  Raleigh Tutoring is offering an SAT and ACT Boot Camp classes throughout the fall at the Wade Edwards Foundation Learning Lab (WELL) across the street from Broughton High School. All students planning to take the SAT may register.  The Boot Camps are a comprehensive, one-day workshop that arms students with test-taking skills and strategies for every question they'll encounter on test day.  Topics covered include: Test fundamentals and strategies, test content and structure, practice and review for every question type, and how to attack all sections.  The instructors are certified teachers and test experts.  Visit The Well to register for a session!

    Test Preparation Websites

    Whether your test is next week or next year, you can boost your test-taking confidence today using these resources.
    CFNC ToolsUse ACT test prep tools on CFNC.org for sample questions and tests, and study tips.
    ACTDownload ACT’s study guide, learn test-taking tips, and check out the ACT Question of the Day.
    Educational Testing Service (ETS)Visit the official site of the GRE for details on the three main parts of the GRE, sample questions, and test-taking tips.
    College BoardView sample questions, download an app for your phone, take a practice test, and more.
    Khan AcademyGet personalized recommendations for SAT preparation and take full-length interactive practice tests.
    CFNC Vocabulary BuilderMaster more words and improve your test scores as the Vocabulary Builder dynamically challenges you and lets you review the words you've learned.
    NextStepu    Offers articles and tips about the SAT and ACT.
    March 2 Success    March 2 Success is a free website offering students help with SAT/ACT test preparation, the college admissions process, and financial aid information.

    Khan Academy    Free videos and tutorials to help prepare for the SAT and ACT.

    Powerscore   Free and tuition based courses are offered, both live and online for the SAT and ACT.

    Free SAT Essay Prep