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    To earn admission into the University, you’ll need to have completed some core high school-level coursework. These requirements apply to recent high school graduates only. Older applicants are exempt. For more information, refer to the “GPA and Test Scores” table below. The “course units” listed below may have been taken while you were enrolled in high school, but they may also include courses you have completed after graduating:

    6 course units in language, including

    • 4 units in English emphasizing grammar, composition, & literature
    • 2 units of a language other than English

    4 course units of mathematics, in any of the following combinations

    • algebra I and II, geometry, and one unit beyond algebra II  
    • algebra I and II, and two units beyond algebra II, or
    • integrated math I, II, and III, and one unit beyond integrated math III

    *The University strongly encourages future students to take at least one mathematics course unit in the 12th grade.

    3 course units in science, including

    • at least 1 unit in a life or biological science (for example, biology)
    • at least 1 unit in physical sciences (for example, physical science, chemistry, physics), and
    • at least 1 laboratory course.

    2 course units in social studies, including 1 unit in U.S. history (Students who do not have the unit in U.S. history may be admitted on the condition that that they pass at least three semester hours in that subject by the end of the sophomore year).



    Student’s Age and College Credits

    Minimum Admission Requirements for High School Graduates and GED


    High School GPA

    Test Scores

    High School Courses

    20** years and younger with fewer than 24 transferable credits

    2.5 cumulative weighted GPA

    SAT of 880 on new or 800 on old version (verbal and math) or ACT composite of 17

    See UNC Minimum Course Requirements 

    21** years or older

    Exempt from minimum High School GPA, test scores and course requirements***

    Any age with 24** or more transferable college credits (does not include AP, IB or credit by exam)

    Exempt from minimum High School GPA, test scores and course requirements***

    Active duty service member or veteran with 3** or more years of active duty service

    Exempt from minimum High School GPA, test scores and course requirements***

    ** Criteria must be met by the time of enrollment at the UNC institution
    *** Being exempt from these requirements does not guarantee admission. While applicants are not required to meet these GPA, test score and course requirements, institutions will only admit applicants who meet all campus-specific admission requirements



    College and University Open Houses

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    Preparing For College

    College Planning Calendar - Seniors

    College Planning Calendar - Juniors
    College Planning Calendar - Freshmen and Sophomores
    Applications:  Tips and Best Practices  Wondering what to include on your applications?  Take a look at the videos provided by UNC-Chapel Hill. Listen to advice from the experts about what to include and how to look you best on your college applications.
    The College Search - Articles to help guide students as they search and review colleges & universities.
    EduTrek  An online search site that allows students to search for schools by state, degree, and subject. Students can fill out basic information about themselves and their interests and be matched with schools that meet their needs. Using the matching service, students can also sort and filter through schools based on whatever criteria they choose.

    Helpful Links and Resources

    College Foundation of NC (CFNC)
    CFNC is the one-stop-shop for information about colleges, financial aid and career choices in North Carolina.  Students can apply to college, send transcripts, learn about scholarships and explore college and career options.  Students must have a CFNC account in order to send transcripts to ay NC college or university.
    Student and parent information on the SAT, free test preparation, college planning, and resources.
     Student and parent information on the ACT, free test preparation, college planning, and resources  
    This free website and publication for parents offers information on NC colleges and universities, stories, advice and tips for going to college. 
     Test Preparation
    Offers articles and tips about the SAT and ACT.

    March 2 Success is a free website offering students help with SAT/ACT test preparation, the college admissions process, and financial aid information.
    Khan Academy
    Free videos and tutorials to help prepare for the SAT and ACT.

    Free and tuition based courses are offered, both live and online for the SAT and ACT.


    Residency Determination: https://ncresidency.cfnc.org/residencyInfo/residencyApplication

    Check Status of Residency (Click Link): https://ncresidency.cfnc.org/residencyInfo/residencyApplication

    Get EDUcated! Historically Black Colleges & Universities: 

    Applying to an historically Black College or University (HBCU)?  Use the Common Black College Application to save time.  Over 35 colleges and universities untilize the common application.  To find out more, visit EDUinconline.com.
    Military & Military Dependents Assistance to College: