• Class of 2018 Graduation Requirements

    Junior Planning Timeline

    Junior Parent Night

    Sophomore/Junior Parent Night  was held in September.   Counselors discussed planning for junior and senior years and beyond. An overview of graduation requirements, college admissions and applications, SAT and ACT, and more was provided.  Please feel free to email your student's counselor if you have questions.  The presentation information is posted below. 

    Parent Night Presentation
    NC University Admission Facts

    Junior Conferences

    Counselors will meet with all juniors through English classes and in small groups during November and December.  Students will receive an unofficial copy of their transcript along with a check sheet outlining progress toward graduation.  Counselors discuss strategies and information to help juniors plan activities to achieve their post-graduation goals.  Students and parents with individual questions should email their counselor to schedule a one-on-one conference.

    Junior Classroom Presentation  (Fall, 2014)