Off-Campus Lunch

    Seniors and juniors* may be afforded the privilege of leaving campus during their assigned lunch period. The rules for leaving campus include:
    1. A lunch permit allows the student to leave campus during his/her regular schedule lunch period. Each student must be in possession of his/her student ID that indicates administrative approval to leave campus. Students without student ID will be required to remain on campus.
    2. The student and parent are responsible for where the student goes for lunch and for his/her transportation.
    3. The school assumes no liability for any accident or injury incurred in the exercise of this permit.
    4. Students exercising off-campus lunch privileges are subject to the rules of student conduct (Policies 6400-6450) as applicable to the regular school day adopted by the Wake County School Board and Southeast Raleigh High School. As a result, students who commit disciplinary infractions while at lunch will be disciplined by the school according to the Code of Student Conduct.
    5. Any student who is referred to the administration and receives disciplinary action may have his/her permit revoked by the principal at his discretion. Students do not have the right to appeal this decision because off-campus lunch is a privilege and not a right.
    6. Any student who provides transportation for a student who does not have a lunch permit will lose his/her privileges immediately and may jeopardize his/her ability to secure off-campus privileges in the future.
    7. Being tardy or failing to return from off-campus lunch carries the same consequences of the normal school attendance policy for skipping and may result in revocation of student off-campus privileges.
    8. Bringing food on campus upon returning from lunch is not allowed.
    9. Littering of public or private property will result in revocation of permit and/or disciplinary action.
    10. This permit is subject to individual restrictions which may be deemed appropriate and the general conditions herein may be changed upon due notification.
    *Juniors meeting the following qualifications may receive a lunch permit:

    1. A cumulative grade point average of 3.0 including data from the most recent term.
    2. Absences in any class during the previous term not exceeding 10.
    Qualifications are reviewed at the end of each term and privileges will be revoked if students do not meet above academic or disciplinary standards.

    Process for Off-Campus Lunch Permission

    1. Download and print the Off-Campus Lunch Request Form.
    2. Parent and student sign form in presence of a notary.
    3. Deliver the form to the SRMHS Student Services office.
    4. ID with off-campus lunch will be distributed during the first week of class through LA
      • IDs will be printed with the previous year's picture.
      • Students may request another ID be printed with current year's picture at a cost of $10.
      • Students register for off-campus lunch after IDs have been printed will need to purchase an new ID at a cost of $10.