Student Acceptable Use Policy

  • Your Privileges

    As a student at SRMHS, you have privileges to use WCPSS email, the World Wide Web(WWW) and SRMHS networked resources.  The technology is provided to further your educational goals and objectives.  A Technology and Digital Resource Consent Form must be signed by student and parent and returned to the school before network account is issued.

    Your Responsibilities

    You are expected to abide by the provisions of this Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), WCPSS Board of Education policies and North Carolina and federal laws. Prohibited uses fall into the following broad categories:

    • Disruptive use
    • Unauthorized use
    • Illegal use
    • Political or commercial use
    • Inappropriate use

    Levels of violations and specific examples:

    If you are in violation, you will lose your computer privileges for a number of school days based on the severity of the violation. (A violation that extends beyond the end of the school year will carry over to the next school year.) If you violate Board policies or state or federal laws, you will face additional and more serious consequences in accordance with those policies and laws.

    Academic consequences of violations:

    AUP violations may carry serious academic consequences. If you lose your computer privileges, you may not use a computer within SRMHS for the duration of the violation. Your violation is not your teacher's responsibility.

    Three Options for Students with Computer-Related-Assignments and a Violation:

    • If you have access to the necessary hardware/software at home, you can complete computer-related assignments at home.
    • You may propose alternate, non-technology assignments to your teachers. Your teachers decide whether your proposal constitutes acceptable alternatives that meet the learning objectives of the original assignments.
    • There may be no valid alternatives in computer-based courses, and the result may be that you fail the course.

    Information on the New Student Device Program for 2021-22 is now available here.