Canvas Parent Observer Accounts

  • Families can view their student's course content and progress by creating a Canvas Observer Account. If you have multiple students, you can link all your students under a single Observer account.

    Get Started

    • First, your student must first log in to Canvas on a computer (not a mobile device) and generate a pairing code. View a tutorial of how to generate a code for a parent observer account.
    • The student must be enrolled in courses before you can sign up to observe the student. (Wait until after the first day of school.)
    • Once you have the pairing code, you can create your account. Go to and click the link Click Here for an Account.

    canvas parent account screenshot with link circled to start an account

    Canvas Observers

    As an observer, you will have limited permissions that allow you to see what is going on in a course without interrupting or participating in the course. You can:

    • See the calendar 
    • See the modules page 
    • View course announcements 
    • Preview documents in course pages 
    • See Quiz titles
    • See Canvas grades and assignment due dates
    • Access conversations in the Inbox

     Canvas Interface

    You can view global navigation, course navigation, breadcrumb navigation, sidebar, and help link.

    • The global navigation helps you get to where you want to go across all of your Canvas courses [1].
    • The course navigation helps you get to where you want to go within your Canvas course [2].
    • The breadcrumb navigation shows you where you have gone inside of a course and gives you a quick and easy way to move backward [3].
    • The sidebar will be mostly empty for Observers [4].
    • The help link is for when you need assistance. [5].

    screen grab of the canvas interface with instructions

Canvas Mobile Apps

Canvas has two mobile apps that parents can use. Both apps require parent login credentials.

Using the student app as a parent is recommended. This allows the parent to view more details regarding their student's assignments.