Google Doc

  • What is a Google Doc (Document)?

    Google Docs is a part of the Google Suite of applications. It is an online, word processing tool that offers real time collaboration and sharing.


    Create a Google Doc

    1. Go to and log in with your WakeID credentials.

    2. Click Google (Student).

    3. In upper-left corner, click New.

    Screenshot illustrating the New button

    4. Click Google Docs.

    screenshot of Google Docs button

    A new Google Doc is open. You can now create and edit your Google Doc.

    Share your Google Doc

    When you create a new Google Doc, it is set to private and can only be seen by you. If you would like to share your document with someone, follow directions below:

    1. In upper-right corner, click Share.

    Screenshot illustrating the share button

    2. Type the email address of the person and click their name.

    Screenshot illustrating the name

    3. Select a permission level:

    • Viewer: Can download, print and copy the document.
    • Commenter: Can add comments to the document and download, print and copy.
    • Editor: Can change permissions and share the document.

    4. (Optional) Add a message to the recipient.

    5. Click Send.

    screenshot illustrating steps 3 and 5


    Edit your Google Doc

    Like other word processing applications, use the tool bar at the top to edit and format your document. For example, you can change your font or insert an image.

    screenshot of a Google Doc toolbar

    Collaborate in Google Doc

    When a Google Doc is shared, multiple users can work on the document in real time and collaborate.

    • When more than one person is in a Google Doc the same time, you will see an icon for each person at the top of the document.
    • Each person's cursor is a different color. This helps to prevent others from typing over one another or deleting one another's work.

    screenshot illustrating how collaborators are depicted on the screen