Add Google Profile to Shared Computer

  • Are multiple members of your household sharing the same computer? Even when students are logged into the WakeID portal, they may have trouble signing into Google. This can happen because the Chrome browser is signed into another Google account. To resolve, add another profile to the Chrome Browser for your student.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  • 1. In upper-right corner, click on icon.

    screenshot illustrating step 1
    2. Click Add.

    screenshot illustrating step 2
    3. Enter the student’s name or nickname and select an icon.
    4. Click Add.

    screenshot illustrating steps 3 and 4
    5. Click Get Started.

    screenshot illustrating step 5
    6. Click Skip.
    7. Click Skip again.
    8. Click Continue.

    screenshot illustrating steps 6, 7, and 8
    9. Enter your student’s full WCPSS email address.
    10. Click Next.

    screenshot illustrating steps 9 and 10
    11. Enter your student’s WakeID and password. 
    12. Click Google (Student).
    13. Click Continue.

    screenshot illustrating step 13

Instructional Video

Video Instructivo