Google Slides

  • What is Google Slides?

    Google Slides is a part of the Google Suite of applications. It is an online presentation tool you can use to create, edit, and share slide decks.

    Multiple people can work on a presentation at the same time. You can see changes as they are made, and changes are saved automatically. 

    Create a Google Slide

    1. Go to and log in with your WakeID credentials.

    2. Click Google (Student).

    3. In upper-left corner, click New.

    screenshot illustrating step 3

    4. Click Google Slides.

    screenshot illustrating step 4

    A new Google Slide is open. You can now create and edit your Google Slides. 

    Share your Google Slide

    When you create a new Google Slide, it is set to private and can only be seen by you. If you would like to share your project with someone, follow directions below:

    1. In upper-right corner, click Share.

    Screenshot illustrating step 1
    2. Type the email address of the person and click their name.

    screenshot illustrating step 2
    3. Select a permission level:

    • Viewer: Can download, print and copy the document.
    • Commenter: Can add comments to the document and download, print and copy.
    • Editor: Can change permissions and share the document.

    4. (Optional) Add a message to the recipient.
    5. Click Send.

    screenshot illustrating steps 3 and 5

    Edit your Google Slide

    All slides will display on the left side. Use the tool bar at the top to edit and format your Google Slide more.

    • In upper-left corner, click the addition symbol to add a new slide.
    • Click Insert to add text boxes, images, shapes and more to your slides.

    screenshot illustrating how to add a slide

    Collaborate in a Google Slide 

    When a Google Slide is shared, multiple users can work on the presentation in real time and collaborate.  
    When more than one person is in a Google Slide the same time, you will see an icon for each person at the top of the presentation. 
    Each person's cursor is a different color. This helps to prevent others from typing over one another or deleting one another's work.

    screenshot illustrating how collaborators are displayed on the Google Slides page