Southeast’s Information Technology Academy is a focused small learning community. It is designed to offer its’ students the opportunity to focus on computer science, computer & network engineering, and cyber security programs of study within a cohort group that will remain together throughout the four years of their high school experience. The sequence of courses follows a proven hands-on, real-world, problem-solving approach to learning. Throughout the IT Academy, they will acquire strong teamwork and communication proficiencies and develop organizational, critical-thinking, and problem-solving skills. The unique learning environment is designed to give students a highly focused learning experience, while presenting a wide variety of elective choices in a large magnet high school setting. AOITC introduces students to a wide range of equipment not used in traditional schools or available in most IT classes. Enriching off-campus learning experiences are aligned with each course, its curriculum, and state standards. The AOITC students will have job shadowing and internship opportunities in an IT environment during their junior or senior year.
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    Academy of Information Technology & Cybersecurity "Forging New Generations of Network Engineers and Computer Specialist"

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