• Coming to school every day, ready to learn, is important for your student's success. And, it is required by state law for students between the ages of seven and sixteen years old. 

    For more information, review WCPSS Policy Code: 4400 Attendance.

Excused Absences

  • Excused absences include:

    • illness or injury
    • a death in the family
    • health care appointments
    • court appearances 
    • religious observance
    • natural disasters
    • outside educational opportunities

    You, the parent or guardian, must provide a note within two days of your student's return to school, or the absences will be recorded as unexcused. Your principal, SAP, or school counselor will notify you of three or more unexcused absences, and he/she will work with you and your student if absences become excessive.

    All students who miss school MUST provide a copy of a note from the parent, doctor, dentist, court, etc. upon return.  Any student that does not provide such verification to the Attendance Office will be counted as UNEXCUSED for the class period(s) missed.  Excused notes should be received within 2 days of returning to school.  Any note received after 2 days will not change the absence to excused.

    Your student will need to make up all assignments missed, as scheduled by their teachers.

Excused Absences for Educational Opportunities

Check Out Process

  • In order for a parent to check out a student, the parent should report to the Attendance Office and provide a picture ID for the student to be released to the parent. 
    If a parent wants another adult to pick up a student, the parent must contact the Attendance Office prior to the student being released.
    If a student driver needs to leave early for an appointment, the student must have a signed note from a parent.
    NOTE:  No student check outs are permitted after 2:00 pm.

Plan A

    • Below, you will find guidance for Plan A in alignment with our current attendance policy until further notice from NCDPI.

      1. If a student is in Plan A and does not physically attend, the student should be marked absent per Policy 4400. If a student is not physically attending for reasons that would not be considered excused under section C of Policy 4400, then the student should be marked absent as unexcused. 
      2. If a student in Plan A requires quarantining due to a positive diagnosis for COVID-19 or exposure, the student should be marked absent-excused, similar to a student who is absent for any of the reasons in section C of Policy 4400. Any students who are absent for excused reasons per Policy 4400 should be provided remote learning access that is available at the school.
      3. There is an expectation for all teachers to continue providing updates and assignments in the teacher’s LMS. Please refer to this link for more information: 20-21 LMS guidance
      4. During Remote Learning Days, including inclement weather days, students in Plan A who are present should be marked 1R (present off-site) if within three days:
        • a student completes their daily assignments, either online or offline; and/or if a student is present in synchronous instruction.
        • a student has a daily check-in, two-way communication, with the appropriate teacher(s):
          • In grades PreK-5, homeroom teacher
          • In all other grade levels, each course teacher as scheduled