• Welcome, Class of 2027!

    Freshman year is a big transition!

    We hope you find the information helpful as you plan your first year in high school and set your sights on doing your best! We look forward to working with our freshmen and their families to become acclimated to high school. Please make an appointment if you have any questions or concerns. Let's have a great year!

  • Updates

    • Please see information regarding Career & College Promise (CCP), which is an opportunity extended to underclassmen to take courses at Wake Tech Community College. There are requirements students must meet to be eligible and steps to pursue this opportunity.
    • We encourage Freshmen to log into their CFNC accounts and do a few activities in Learn About Yourself. It's not mandatory but your future is quickly approaching and it's good to have an idea about where you are going and what your interests are.  
    • Did you miss Curriculum Night in February? Access the presentation shown to students and families.
  • How Counselors interact with students:

    • Freshmen Classroom Presentation  
    • Goal Setting Lesson
    • Social/Emotional Classroom Guidance Lessons
    • Four-year Plans
    • Individual Academic Conferences
    • SOS or Signs of Suicide Classroom Lessons
    • Bullying and Harrassment Classroom Lessons
    • Assistance with Registration for 10th grade courses
    • Middle School Visits pertaining to Rising 9th grade registration

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  • Graduation Requirements: WCPSS requires a minimum of 26 credits to graduate.

    • 4 credits = English 1, English 2, English 3, & English 4

    • 4 credits = Math 1, Math 2, Math 3, Math 4 or one other DPI-approved math related to career goals

    • 3 credits = Earth/Environmental Science, Biology, a physical science

    • 4 credits = World History, American History 1, American History 2, Civics, & Economics

    • 1 credit = Healthful Living

    • 6 credits = CTE, Arts, Second Language

    • 4 credits = Electives (of your choice)

    • = 26 credits TOTAL

  • FAQ's

    Q: What are the promotion and/or Graduation Requirements?

    A: Please click the link to access WCPSS Course guide and see pages 5 and 9.

    Q: How do I schedule an appointment with my child's school counselor?

    A: Please call or email your child's school counselor or leave a message with our guidance technician to set up an appointment.

    Q: How do I set up a conference with my child's teachers?

    A: Please call or email your child's school counselor. Then they will notify your child's teachers.

    Q: Who can I speak with regarding my child's attendance?

    A: If you have a question about your child's attendance, first please contact their teacher directly to verify whether they were in class for an entire period or were tardy. Please send a note to the attendance clerk regarding student absences or to update how their attendance was coded.

    Q: What is an academic plan? 

    A: An academic plan is visual layout of courses from 9th grade through 12th grade. It helps students, families, and those working on behalf of students track the students' progress toward graduation. The following affects an academic plan: credit earned/not earned for a course, teachers' recommendations, grades and testing data, and the decisions from the discussions you have as a family.

    Q: What is an Academic Recovery Plan (ARP)? 

    A: An academic recovery plan is a contract created between the teacher and student when the student does not pass his/her courses first quarter. If the student fulfills the plan provided by their teacher and has a 60 or higher average in the 2nd quarter, the grade that was below passing 1st quarter is changed to a 59. Please contact our your child's teacher or the intervention coordinator for further questions.

    Q: What is the difference between Objective Recovery and Credit Recovery?

    A: Both are completed through an online program called GradPoint. Students may complete modules in Gradpoint in school or outside of school, as long as they have access to the internet. A teacher assigns objective recovery for students who need to review a few objectives for a content/subject area. A student can be assigned credit recovery after they have failed the initial face-to-face course.

    Q: What is the difference between having a pathway and being an academy?

    A: All students are recommended to complete a pathway, which is a cluster of at least 4 electives that relate to the same topic. Some examples include Arts, Humanities, or an NC Career Cluster such as Hospitality & Tourism or Finance. If your child is interested in applying to the Magnet Program at SRMHS, they have the option of selecting from the Biomedical ScienceEngineering, or Information Technology & Cybersecurity Academies. See our Magnet pages and Career Academies website for more information. The electives for the pathway of each academy is predetermined and included in your child's registration as long as they remain in the academy. If your child is not accepted into an academy, they may register for an elective in an academy's pathway. However, placement is not guaranteed. 

  • Does your child need help bettering their understanding of course content tutoring and objectives? 

    Our teachers offer tutoring. There is no fee for tutoring offered at school. 

    If you prefer tutoring from outside services, we recommend WCPSS Science and Math tutors.

    Also, check out Khan Academy, a free online resource for support with Math, Science and Engineering, Arts and Humanities, test preparation, Computing, Economics and Finance, and more. 

    Language Interpretation and Translation Service / Servicio de traducción e interpretación de idiomas

    WCPSS offers language intepretation and translation services for our families who need it. Please let us know if you need this service to communicate with us or your child's teachers. 

    WCPSS ofrece servicios de interpretación y traducción de idiomas para nuestras familias que lo necesitan. Háganos saber si necesita este servicio para comunicarse con nosotros o con los maestros de su hijo.

  • Steps to take to have a successful school year:

    • Step 1 - Read the directions, complete all assignments, and submit them in a timely manner (don't forget your name)
    • Step 2 - Raise your hand and speak with your teacher if you do not understand the lesson taught (also after class)
    • Step 3 - Talk with your parent/guardian to see if they are able to help you better understand the lesson or assignment
    • Step 4 - Use online resources: NCWiseOwl, Khan Academy, Math Plus, Grammarly, Photo Math, etc. 
    • Step 5 - Schedule an appointment to speak with your Counselor and share your concerns or educational ambitions
    • Step 6 - Complete assignments in a quiet place where you can focus with great lighting
    • Step 7 - Study in small chunks, break up the information over the course of a week, do not cram overnight
    • Step 8 - Breathe, eat a good meal, and rest; this is fuel for the mind and body 

    "Rome was not built in a day! We're here to guide you along your way."