• Welcome Class of 2023!


    My name is Ms. High. I am the 9th grade school counselor. Freshman year is a big transition! I hope you find the information helpful as you plan your first year in high school and set your sights on doing your best! I look forward to working with our freshmen and their families become acclamated to high school. Please make an appointment if you have any questions or concerns. Let's have a great year!

    Parents and Students: Sign up for Remind to receive updates! Here are two ways to sign up:

    Option 1)Text 81010. Type @srmhs2023 in the message box. Press Send.

    Option 2) You can click this link

    How I interact with students:

    • Beginning of Year Freshmen Classroom Presentation 
    • Goal Setting Lesson
    • Social/Emotional Classroom Guidance Lessons
    • 4-year Plans
    • Individual Academic Conferences
    • SOS or Signs of Suicide Classroom Lessons
    • Bullying & Harrassment Classroom Lessons
    • Assistance with Registration for 10th grade courses
    • Middle School Visits pertaining to Rising 9th registration




    • Questons about Promotion and/or Graduation Requirements? Please click the link to access WCPSS Course guide and see pages 5 and 9. You can also click on this link Graduation Requirements for 1 page document.
    • How do I schedule an appointment ? Please call me or email to set up an appointment.
    • How do I set up a conference with my child's teacher(s)? Please call or email me. Then I will notify your child's teachers. 



    Steps to take to have a successful school year: 

    Step 1. Read the directions, complete all assignments & submit them in a timely manner (don't forget your name )

    Step 2. Raise your hand & speak with your teacher if you do not understand the lesson taught ( also after class)

    Step 3. Talk with your parent/guardian, see if they are able to help you better understand the lesson

    Step 4. Use online resources: Khan Academy, Math Plus, Grammarly, Photo Math, etc. 

    Step 5. Schedule to speak with your grade level Counselor & share  your concerns 7/or educational ambitions

    Step 6. Complete assignments in a quiet place where you can focus with great lighting

    Step 7. Study in small chunks, break up the information over the course of a week, Do Not cram overnight

    Step 8. Breath, eat a good meal, and rest, this is fuel for the mind and body 

    "Rome was not built in a day! We're here to guide you along your way"

       2022 Graduates